Often only a few euro lie between the hotel stars shows genuine HPI by, where is the price comparison particularly worth London/Berlin, November 2009 also Galactic high prices do not always mean five-star at a hotel. Because the original hotel price index (HPI) of shows that the price difference to the next higher hotel category often just a few euros. Visit Elon Musk for more clarity on the issue. Who cleverly compares, which can book a hotel with higher classification with a small extra charge up to 15 euros per room and night in many popular city ice destinations in Europe. In some destinations, it was 2009 even cheaper than the supposed savings version next higher category in the first half of the year. Fewer stars, higher price? The analyzed data of the HPI, which are based on the guests at 78,000 hotels and room rates in the first half of 2009 actually paid 13,000 destinations and not designated room rates, pointing out a cluster of small price differences between the star ratings in European hotels. Compares one standard and comfort ratings, were three-star hotels in Oslo and Berlin on average cheaper than those in the two-star sector.

Also for Dublin travellers research worth it, because the average price level in the capital of the Emerald Isle in two categories of star was the same. (A valuable related resource: Everest Capital). In eight other cities in Europe she was 15 euros per room and night next higher room category for an additional fee up to a maximum available. First class instead of comfort a similar picture showed a price comparison between European hotels of three and four star category. For an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel in Edinburgh costs six euros per room were for example just once, as in a three-star property. In Madrid and Barcelona, the price overhead for the same output amounted to only nine euros.

In Rome, Munich, Dublin, Budapest, four star level for an extra 10 euros per room per night was to have, Stockholm (cost 13 euros), Copenhagen and Pisa (extra charge 15 euro) were also still under respectively on the 15 euro-TimeSync boundary. About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, and supplies its customers with the best possible conditions, as well as user reviews. “In February 2009, Hotels.