Illusion Softworks

By the end of 2002 without loud slogans and advertisements published a new game, yes, yes and have a game with a rather big letters with the name of the Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. The project success is simple and genius Mafia, like all elementary: for instance, can take the plot, then add an elegant illustration, mix it with all the action and racing to the car, and on top to flavor a delicious serving of cinematic and perfectly choreographed videos: and, behold, the masterpiece is ready! While not looking at the triumph of the game, makers have been slow to continuing and ending the game Mafia that the second part of this magnificent igryne become. Although everything flows and everything changes, and looking as fans begged with tears in his eyes on the continuation of the cult game, seeing as investors pass on the game many times and did not stop, did not learn the hearts of the children of Illusion Softworks. Passion for spyware first information about Mafia 2 has appeared in the distant 2004, although rumors continue to the whole thing and did not go, and the creators remained silent. And then at the end of summer 2007, everything seemed to have already started to forget about the Mafia, broke out suddenly thunder. Looking through the project's on at the Games Convention in Leipzig, the German city workers from usk presented on preparing the release of the video to Mafia Game 2, and the fact that after the roller is given rating of 16 +. The creators of 2K Games have figure out that the surprise has not turned and quickly made the announcement of this game Mafia 2.

Family Mafia this new game will carry us to the end of the 40's and early 50-ies of the last century. Time after War marked the 2 nd dawn Mafia in the United States. At this difficult time, our hero Vito and will fight for a good place in the family of the Mafia. As in the last part of the game, we can expect a fairly steep and twisted story, about which creators retain absolute silence, and we do not really know anything, nor who will be the main hero or what goals it pursues. Helpers in the difficult tasks we will be proven to be reliable, meanwhile Colt 1911 TommiGun and 1928, but another weapon, which was still on the armed professional groups that old time. Place of impact the game will move from City of Lost Heaven in a brand new metropolis, the architecture reminiscent of Chicago, although the fact he will be called Empire City. Car mafia End dashing 40's and early 50-ies in the United States – is the golden age of automotive, there are fresh concepts and fresh classes of vehicles. The game Mafia 2, we see a large number of vehicles on available to Ford prior to appearing masklkarov of the first generation. Not forgotten and buses with large trucks, and even social vehicles. In much of the best habits a part can take a ride on the tram, or you can ride the subway.