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The creativity has much to do with the relaxed states of the brain and the body. Therefore, his natural enemy is STRESS. There is a very interesting study that shows as 97% of the good ideas take place OUTSIDE the WORK. When taking a walk, when bathing, when sleeping and in many other activities that they have like common ingredient, relaxed being, physically and mentally. ANOTHER ONE VERY GOOD REASON TO PRACTICE MEDITATION. By all means, the creativity also has to do with the intention. Newton remembers of Isaac and its famous anecdote of the apple? It thinks that he was the first human being to whom fell an apple to him of a tree? By all means that no, but it had the intention to solve a problem and its mind was working for him, letter to any answer. And that to say of Archimedes and its famous expression EUREKA! Managed to solve a very serious problem of a very creative form. From a neuronal point of view, the creativity has to do with the use of the right hemisphere.