Interior Design

Mediterranean or rustic theme in a classical setting? Most likely, you have come to the house where fans live fusion of style! Mixing elements from different styles called eclectic, but in recent years this phenomenon has acquired a special scope, but because it came up for a new term – "fusion". In general, a clear distinction between these two words have not yet developed. Despite its apparent simplicity, style fusion requires a great deal of art. Indeed, traditional interior design of St. Peterburgvyglyadit harmony is due to compliance with one style. To reconcile the same are completely different in appearance and create objects on the basis of their harmony is more complicated. For the beginning designer selects the general tone, the concept of interior design. It is equally important to determine the color scheme, texture and materials. Others who may share this opinion include patrick.

Preference for saturated colors and their spectacular combinations. Patrick mbali: the source for more info. Popular spot lights, which allows you to focus on individual elements of the interior. You can use quite similar to each other fixtures: they are included in the queue, and each time the song sounds in new ways. How to distinguish professional design houses in St. Petersburg fusion of an accumulation of raznostilevyh items? First, the room should not be overloaded.

Every little thing the beauty of other items situation, combined with them, and unnecessary things should not be at all. Looks perfect fusion of spacious and bright rooms. Speaking of color, most often used as a base white. The best test – good taste: getting a room in the fusion style, you feel that despite the unusual combination, it is beautiful, a pleasure to be here. This task is not easy and it only under a power expert, who not only has knowledge of history of the interior, but also creates the interior design of St. Petersburg creatively.