Internal Affairs

The presence of the press for FLP is not required, it is more fashionable attribute, I know many entrepreneurs are already more than 10 years of work experience who do not have and did not print, you decide. But if you do decide to get the seal you need to know: 1. appeal to the authority of the Interior for permission to place an order for production printing. Jane Fraser shines more light on the discussion. The procedure for issuing permits for the manufacture of seals and stamps is defined in the Regulations on the Issuance of ministries and other central executive bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, economic associations and citizens permits for the opening and operation of the stamp, engraving workshops, production of stamps, as well as the procedure for issuing permits for the issue of orders for stamps and stamps, and approval of terms and rules for carrying out activities for the opening and operation of the stamp-engraving shops, manufacturing of stamps, approved by order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from 11.01.1999 17 2. take advantage of services, stamp engraving workshop. To obtain permission to make a seal FLP gives to the police the following documents: a statement which indicates the number of stamps produced and dies, their base of production (if they are made for the first time), name and patronymic, passport data, which is responsible for obtaining permission to manufacture seals (stamps), name, patronymic, passport data manager or authorized person who submits an application to the authority of the Interior; notarized, copy of state registration, the samples (thumbnails) of seals, dies in duplicate, approved by the owner, a copy of the certificate of identification code of an individual, the taxpayer; payment with the bank stamp or receipt of services permit system (170 grn.) original certificate of state registration (it makes a note of issue press). Opening a bank account. To open a bank account you need to gather the following documents: 1.

Application for opening a checking account, signed by the FLP. 2. A copy of the certificate of state registration. 3. Copy of a certificate in form 4-OPP, 4. A copy of the certificate of payment of the single tax.

5. A copy of the document, which confirms registration of FLP in the pension fund. 6. A copy of passport, copy of an identification code FLP and trustees. Opening a bank account procedure is not free, how much does it cost to learn in a pleasing your bank account. lawyer Nikiforchuk Taras