Internet Management

Roiback Etourism Management, we only win if you win Back Etourism Management ROI is an agency specialized in management of marketing channels online for independent hotels and hotel chains, and companies from all sectors who want to monetize their presence on the Internet. With headquarters in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona and projected to expand their services to America Latina, is comprised of a multidisciplinary team with over 10 years of experience in the sector. Led by Juan Carlos Vich, Majorcan professional of tourism online, whose successful career has led him to consolidate this new family company that focuses on providing a personalised service, identifying the specific needs of each project to deliver a winning strategy. Experts in online marketing and revenue management, creatives, programmers and business have joined with the objective of maximizing the benefits of their clients, controlling cost, allowing an adequate return on investment (ROI). Our own technological developments with Backhotel, an engine Advanced reservations allowing the booking of accommodation, packages and services, like programming with a cutting-edge technology, make for ROI Back to have the tools necessary to ensure the success of your management. Its recent Constitution has not been obstacle, and 37 hotel establishments that a total of 5,000 rooms in Spain, have decided to entrust the management of this important channel of marketing ROI Back Etourism Management. Throughout the first quarter of 2013, ROI Back expects to double this number with several hotel chains, to enter in other sectors and has been marked as objective to close the year with the online management of 100 hotel establishments. Those who want to learn more about ROI Back Etourism Management may visit the website,, or send a query to source: press release sent by online.