Jessica Enslein

It can be however quickly too much of a good – or too little. Then if is not so many fish in relation to plants in the Aquarium romp. It is essential therefore for a healthy growth of plants from the outset regularly to check the water levels. This includes pH of (measure for whether water is acidic or alkaline), water hardness, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate values. A leading source for info: Amazon Prime. CO2, iron and many more ingredients. In trading various textbooks and water testing kits are available, but often simply not purchased for cost reasons. Clearly, but is saved in the wrong place. To buy new plants is as superfluous as constantly to repopulate the fish – because fish naturally pleased to optimum water values.

The right light while it is obvious all plants need light to grow. However the right light and in the right amount. Wrong place so bulbs and usually also budget halogen lamps, are because the color spectrum, so the mix different colors, are included in the light are, is not the natural daylight here, but is to red – or to blaustichig, which may result in stunted growth or Brown leaves to the result. Are fluorescent tubes specially produced for illumination of aquariums, because these come daylight the next to give preference. And the right amount to much of a good result in lighting in excessive algal growth. Predicate: Little decorative and therefore undesirable. Too little allows only puny growth or provides for route growth or pale and yellowish leaves. A rule of thumb is that you need to 1 Watt lighting per 2 L of Aquarium volume around.

So about 50 watts of tube power should exist for a 100-litre tank. It is also important that is sufficiently illuminated. The fishing hours a day wouldn’t be enough 8-10, the plant however. Here, in any case, there should be 12-14 hours. It is sufficient that a few points to bear in mind to avoid major mishaps in the aquarium so already. Jessica Enslein