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CORRELATION ENTERS THE SIZE OF THE SEED AND THE PLNTULA OF WHITE BROADBEAN. Fernanda Blacksmith Leal1, Franciane Gouveia Sousa2, Joana Janaini Moura3 Sine, Marcones Costa4 Blacksmith, Suzana Aline Farias5 Days SUMMARY the biometria is a branch of the science that studies the mensurao of the beings livings creature. It is the part of the Statistics that investigates quantitative biological attributes, pertinent to a population of beings livings creature. The present work has for objectives to raise the biometria of seeds of broadbean plants of the family of the leguminosas and to verify if the size of plntula exists some relation of measures of seeds and, leading in consideration: the length and width of the seed, the length and width of hilo, comparing with the size of plntula after germinated with the end of 10 days after the plantation, conferring the length of the root of plntula, measured of hipoctilo and leaf number, for posterior comparison and analysis of the statistical data. WORDS KEY biometria, broadbean, correlation, seed, regression ABSTRACT- Biometrics is branch of science that studies the measurement of living beings. It is the part of biological Statistics investigating quantitative attributes, relevant you a population of living beings. This study aims you raise the biometry of plant seed bean of the vegetable family and see if there is any relation you measures of seed and seedling size, taking into account: the length and seed width, length and width of hilus, compared you the size of the seedling sprouted to after the end of 10 days to after planting, giving the root length of seedlings, measured hypocotyl and to number of leaves, will be to later comparison and analysis of statistical date. KEY WORDS-biometrics, broadbean, correlation, kernel regression. INTRODUCTION the broadbean as popularly it is known presents as scientific name Vitiates faba is a plant of the family of the leguminosas, who produces string beans great, inside of which if they form the seeds.