Kings Work

In it are explained the meaning of GA letters which appeared in the agenda of the Assembly and were seen in several places in the local. It was announced that it would publish a new magazine, The Golden Age (the golden age), which would be designed to direct people’s attention to the Messianic Kingdom. After explaining the work that would be done, the brother Rutherford told the Auditorium: before you an opportunity presents itself. Take advantage of it. To make this work, remember that they do not solicit funds as representatives of a magazine, but are ambassadors of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who announce the coming of the golden age of the glorious Kingdom of our Lord and master, people with dignity something that for many centuries have waited, and so have prayed, true Christians. When the speaker He asked how many wanted to participate in that work, it was very encouraging to see the enthusiastic response.

The 6,000 people in the Auditorium stood up as if they were a single. For the next year more than 10,000 people participated in the field service. The whole Assembly had a unifying and invigorating effect on those present. And all that happened in the same year in which the President of the society j. f.

Rutherford and his collaborators had gone out of his unjust imprisonment. From that time onwards was given great testimony to level world. why it took several years until it was clarified that his appointment on their property happened in 1919?It was logical that to know very clearly when gave impetus to the work with such momentum would have to spend some time to say with certainty that that was a key year in which the slave handled its responsibilities with greater dedication which is according to the book of proverbs 4: 18: the path of the just is as the shining light that is becoming more and clearer until the day is firmly established. Therefore: 1. In 1927, it was understood that in 1919 was appointed the slave on the Master Jesus – goods (not that faithful and discreet slave had been appointed because it already was) 2. In 1927 he clarified and reaffirmed what Russell had said in 1881, that the faithful and wise servant was actually a collective servant, consisting of all the members of the body of Christ, anointed by spirit on Earth.