Latin America Mendoza

Mendoza wines are one of the features that distinguish this beautiful region of argentina. THE ideal climate, Cuyo land, and the expertise of the first European immigrants that populated the province created a delicate alchemy that produces the best wines from Latin America. Why pray the proverb popular that Mendoza is the land of the Sun and good wine, and rightly so. The varietals that are produced here are highly coveted in the world, and have been many times awarded, even competing with wines from regions with many more centuries of experience in wine production. For all this, there is a hotel in Mendoza Capital which has taken advantage of the unbeatable opportunity offered by this city for the tasting of the main products of the wineries: the Executive Hotel. The genius of the Executive Hotel lies in the development of a whole line of services to highlight the quality of the wines from Mendoza, because it cannot exist a lover of good food and good drink that it values do not know these wonderful wines. For this reason, the Executive has developed the Wine Floors. These are thematic spaces, an entire floor exclusively dedicated to the local wine industry.

Not only these floors are decorated with literature and art of the subject of wineries and wine production, but it offers users a full tasting kit to savor to the last note of these delicate bouquets. Also taste regional delicacies, and also provided to the passenger a bottle of a unique varietal, ideal to carry souvenir of these fine Mendoza lands. The Wine Floors are the perfect setting for an intimate meeting, signing a contract, a celebration or any pretext that gather several friends, to enjoy in the intimacy of a series of wines that will leave an indelible impression on the palate. This service, exclusive of this hotel in Mendoza, arises as a result of an exclusive agreement between the Executive Hotel and the best wineries in the province: Catena Zapata, Lagarde, terraces in the Andes, Trapiche and Familia Zuccardi, guarantee that it is actually tasting wines of superior quality. These wineries are located in areas of Lujan’s whose and Maipu, two cities with a long winemaking tradition, offering the best products, Mendoza to the whole world. Original author and source of the article.