Luis Mauro

Thus, with the evolution of the forms of being, these products go being more attractive to the eyes of the population, more ‘ ‘ well vestidos’ ‘ as the critics say, and earn other values. ‘ ‘ Therefore, to the first sight, the merchandise seems a trivial, evident thing. Analyzing it, one sees that it is a thing very complicated, full of Metaphysical subtility and theological mornings. As value of use, it does not have nothing mysterious in it. But as soon as it appears as merchandise, it if it transforms into a physically Metaphysical thing. The mstico character of the merchandise does not come, therefore, of its value of use (MARX, 1985, P. 70) ‘ ‘.

final 4.Consideraes: Knowing that through these studies, it is treated, basically of practical cultural. We show in this article as if of a evolution and the sprouting of new evangelizadoras strategies in our way. As these categories are gifts in day-by-day, and if they insert in the media in form of generating institutions of symbols, felt and products that they stimulate to the mentally ill consumerism. We perceive through this, the great difference of the Religious one of before with the one today, that it invests more in the image, uses strategies of sonorous and audiovisual communication in objective and pragmatic way. These practical that they involve marketing and production, therefore, take fidiciary offices to the consumption of the word Christian through Compact disc? s, Dvd? s, books, related programs of TV, sites and etc. and thus the famous reencantamento is spread out, where the leaders do not need to more cry out so that its sermes reach the faithful, but yes to use the media and to spread out its message. With the analysis of the layers of the Compact disc? s of the groups Reluz Life (catholic) and Ahead of the Throne (evanglico), we notice this evolution more clearly, this modernization that if inserts many times without let us perceive through products that circulate ours day-by-day. bibliographical 5.Referncias: MARTINO, Luis Mauro S.

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