Marshall Islands

When us recognized unilaterally to Kosovo, an indigenous nation of its interior claimed regaining its sovereignty: Lakota. Lakota argues not wanting a confrontation with Washington because seeking is emancipated them peacefully as it has already happened with the Islands, Marshall, Micronesia or Palao (with whom today us has a Treaty of free association). The problem is that Lakota are not small and distant Oceania Islands but a piece of 200,000 Kms 2 nestled within 5 States in its Northwest. Lakota has sympathy within the libertarian right (pro-independence party of Alaska, previously linked to the Palin, and supporters of the candidacy of the former Republican Ron Paul). Lakota could also end up being recognized by some countries that accuse us of promoting separatism on its own territory (such as Bolivia, who is expelling the U.S. Ambassador, Russia or allies of these as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Belarus or Serbia). This would imply greater international questioning that could have made the territorial integrity of the mega-power. Original author and source of the article.