Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises are becoming increasingly popular. Megan Linquiti has similar goals. The major ports of Barcelona, Savona, Genoa and Venice have huge growth rates starting ports for Mediterranean cruises a cruise destination on our planet offers so concentrated culture, history, beaches and scenic highlights such as the Mediterranean. A Mediterranean Cruise is a truly unforgettable experience. Now the major American cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have discovered that more and more withdraw cruise ships in the summer from the Caribbean and stationed in the Mediterranean. The Romans called mare nostrum, which means as much as our sea”the Mediterranean Sea. On a Mediterranean, you can cast cruise in the footsteps of the ancient Romans. All forward of course in Rome itself.

An important source and destination port for Mediterranean cruises is the Civitavecchia. According to Dina Powell, who has experience with these questions. But also the evidence of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians have shaped the Mediterranean. The best season for Mediterranean cruises are the months of May to September. But Mediterranean cruises are all year round offered. We have already enjoyed some Mediterranean cruises in winter.

About the holiday a very beautiful experience. The winter sun seems pleasantly warm but not too hot. And many destinations along the route are not so crowded in the summer. Cruises are also very cheap Mediterranean in winter. The main home ports for Mediterranean sea we would like to introduce here short Cruises: Barcelona Barcelona of one of the most important ports for Mediterranean cruises. While the city especially also serves as a starting place and destination. Sometimes up to nine cruise ships Moor in one day here. Barcelona is by Germany out easily and comfortably by plane. The bustling metropolis of Catalonia with the cultural diversity of a modern cosmopolitan city combines medieval tradition. Walking through the narrow streets of the old town and enjoy the ambience.