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PFALZKOM MANET builds new high security data center for the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz in the mother city of Ludwigshafen, 11.09.2009 visibly pleased Mayor Hans-Dieter Schneider showed the PFALZKOM CEO than he. MANET congratulated on the go-ahead for the construction of their new high security datacenter in the mother city. Mid-2010 metropolitan region will have about one of the most modern and safest Server homes in Germany Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz. We deliberately continue successful history in Mutterstadt to a piece that Mutterstadt offers us optimal locational conditions. The direct power supply via two different voltage levels at our location in Mutterstadt is unique and offers absolute maximum reliability to our customers. Jurgen Beyer the million investment in the new data center is also a clear commitment to the region and economy, in which we work and live”, explains Managing Director for engineering the PFALZKOM MANET. With the 1,000 Square meters large new building and a useable area of about 700 square meters is already going in the third quarter of 2010 one of the most modern and safest IT locations in operation. Goal is to provide an IT infrastructure that is resilient and available around the clock, medium-sized without having to make big investments. Steadily rising operating costs do not stop even before IT. Stricter laws, but also the increasing demands placed on the availability of data, IT systems and their integrity cause more and more local entrepreneurs to consider outsourcing IT or their parts into consideration”, explains Uwe Burre, Managing Director business area PFALZKOM “MANET and adds that companies in each sector through the outsourcing of IT areas and processes to minimize not only the administrative burden and the risk, but IT also costs and capital can release.” Attention sets the PFALZKOM MANET in the planning and implementation of the new data center in the ensure consistent use of energy-saving technologies, high availability with minimal environmental impact. So, a sophisticated system where elementary components such as power supply, air-conditioning and fire extinguishing systems are fail-safe and compatible matched, will provide for maximum energy efficiency. The IT market has changed greatly, the hardware is always smaller and more powerful it has a direct impact on the energy consumption and heat development of the devices. Many data centers can no longer withstand the changing energy needs and the increased demands on air conditioning and are down the drain. As a subsidiary of the energy supplier PFALZWERKE Aktiengesellschaft, are at the PFALZKOM MANET created the optimal conditions for the reference of energy: on the mother city of the location enough capacity exists with the direct current injection on the substation to withstand future developments. Images: PFALZKOM MANET for free use to the above Reporting.