For the situations that the results will not be the desired ones we must review each action individually and consider modifications with focus in the result. The activities of a company tend to be modified, the necessities of the customers in a globalizado environment are dynamic being indispensable changes in the project in accordance with the changes foreseen in each situation, the necessity of being total flexible without losing the main focus are essential for the success of a project of this transport. We can illustrate some forms of accompaniment of pointers of performance of a process, the maiorias of the companies carry through periodic accompaniments are monthly or weekly, intention is to show for the excessively collaborating course of the activities for carried through them, and the accompaniment of graphical form with well defined goals is essential, because what is not measured and controlled, never he will be managed of sustainable form. Some accompaniments must be defined by a have equipped, the pointers must portray the performance of the activities, a suggestion is to measure the final activity, and any variation must be dealt with new plans action, objectifying the improvement of the process, some pointers is indispensable. Former: Movement of vehicles for month. This graph (indicating) of accompaniment must to inside illustrate the amount of movements for month and the type of carried through load of the period, with this graph we have an ample vision of the movements, in giving the conditions for the direct taking of action in the focus, that is in the certain activity, and with some analysis of the activity we thus arrive in the cause root, taking corrective actions using of the improvement concept continues. shows for the team where it must be directed the efforts, without spending energy in the activities that do not generate resulted.