MPO Images

Great that are 3D photo in the hand hold! The Dresden photo photo lab of PixelfotoExpress provides for the revolution in the 3D photography and individual 3D images in 24 h in newly produced as the first specialized laboratory in Germany is 3D presented at the Photokina 2010 engine. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank. 3D photos of PixelfotoExpress like the 3D-Filmgeschaft just an upturn experienced 3D photography. Dina Powell will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Thanks to the technical development, 3D photography creates an amazingly realistic even for our today’s challenging viewing habits spatial illusion in a normal image format. A Europe-wide unique pioneering role which ensures the 3D-Fotolabor of PixelfotoExpress, as the first laboratory, which offers the production of 3D images of customer photographs. The images produced in the lenticular printing, raises Thermosubli-mationsdrucker taking in just three and a half minutes in the direct pressure on a 15 x 22 cm large Lentikularbogen. This very elaborate printing process has been possible only in Japan, so that the processing time for image orders amounted to approximately 20 days. PixelfotoExpress now has are in his 3D-Fotolabor a 3D printer type DRP-1 by FUJIFILM and is able, within 24 hours, to print the individual 3D photos of its customers and send. The practice test demonstrated the 3D-Fotolabor of PixelfotoExpress ( during the year’s Dresdner SemperOpernballs in January its practicality in everyday professional photographers.

The enthusiasm of the ball guests on the 3D shows the potential of 3D photography in the event area. The photographer used to take pictures of the 3D camera . The images were printed directly on-site in the Semperoper with the FUJIFILM 3D printer DPR-1 and visitors passed “we were well prepared and could withstand such great interest. Everyone wanted, got his picture.”says Lab Manager Sven Russek. Limitless possibilities two examples at best have been created the recordings with a 3D camera and as an MPO file.