Municipal City

In this stage some authors had been searched who approach the planning strategical, the importance of the same and the form to elaborate a strategical planning. For even more details, read what Micky Pant says on the issue. One was carried through after that searches with primary sources, that is, on the basis of the research of field inside and outside of the organization. For this survey of information were carried through one internal research in the company, its trajectory, its structure, its processes. For this an interview half-structuralized for the researcher with the proprietors of the company was used. The half-structuralized interview was elaborated with intention to get excellent information for the study, however opened questions had been used, making possible the interatividade of the interviewed ones. After the accomplishment of this stage, had been searched given of the competitors and external environment through research disponibilizadas in the site of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), of the ACICO (Association of I deal and Industry of Cosmpolis), Municipal City hall of Cosmpolis and Jornal Gazette of Cosmpolis. This study it has qualitative nature why it works with values, beliefs, representations, habits, attitudes and opinions.

This type of inquiry is inductive and descriptive, in the measure where the research develops concepts, ideas and agreements from standards found in the data, for elaboration of the strategical planning. As last stage, it was presenting a suggestion of strategical planning for the Portions and Cia Ltda Me. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS OF STRATEGICAL PLANNING the strategical Planning has been subject of study for some authors. Ahead of this, it has different definitions and processes for the elaboration of a strategical planning as defined below. According to Oliveira (2004, p.47-78): Strategical planning is the administrative proceeding that provides metodolgica sustentation to establish the best direction to be followed by the company, aiming at to the optimized degree of interaction with the environment and acting of innovative and differentiated form.