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During the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco was appointed director general of the Ministry of Local Government. At the end of the war, takes the path of exile, which will take in 1941, aboard the Dutchman "The Stantendam" to Mexico, where he established his residence. In the early years working as a translator and marketing his own books. In 1949 he entered the Communist Party. In 1960 and until 1967 following explains History of Economics in the Faculty of this specialty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He was a collaborator of the Spanish exile magazine The Spains. In 1967 at the port of Cadiz, where he seized the books are brought, and he could recover later, by bribery. These books form part of the public library created in his hometown.

In 1969 he rejoined the Corps and the State Bar establishes his residence in Madrid. During their stay in Mexico is dedicated to research in the field of sociology. The result of this dedication was the publication of several works, among which pre-capitalist societies, the work of outstanding merit, which has had a wide impact in Latin American countries. The text declared UNAM for Anthropological School. His most outstanding works are: The local policy of Spain (1937), American slaves. The question of Texas and war with Mexico (1947) Brief history of agriculture in Europe and America (1958), Cervantes's wit and madness Don Quixote (1958), S ociedades precapitalist (1960), productive forces and relations of production in the Greco-Roman antiquity (1962), productive forces and production relations in the Middle Ages (1963), The development of Mexican society, I. Prehispanic Phase (1966) and II.

Conquest, colonial and independence (1969), The development of society I. Introduction to pre-capitalist societies (1970), The economic power of the Church during the Middle Ages (1977), and with Henry Winston writes Eurocommunism and state (1978). And the writer said Zamora: "The Church has never fought the principle of slavery." Francisco Arias Solis Cadiz Garzon. WITH DEMOCRATS Judge Baltasar Garzon Association for a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet Users for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL: