New Form Of Tea

Hamburg innovation presented at the trade fair currently setting the Hamburg brand finum the patented tea control 0.4″on the Frankfurt fair atmosphere in the exhibition area of Kitchentrends” for design-oriented brand supplier. To do this, pictures at “teafriends” on facebook can be found. The designer pot tea control 0.4 “style and aesthetics combined with the BREW stop technology, which could be patented by the hamburgers in the EU, the United States and China. Loose tea can be prepared now without a large fact table and served. The brewing process is finished with a simple twist of the jug lid.

It is no longer required to fish a wet bag or the tea leaves from the pot out. The progress of the tea can be visually perceive by the heat-resistant glass. The new tea control with its capacity of 0.4 L is a complete redesign of its larger predecessor the tea control 0.8, already with a RED DOT design award. Instead of polycarbonate the brand-new finum for filter basket now sets A Tritan material”, which ensures an even nicer look, feel, and functionality. In addition, the coffee maker is now refined through a stainless steel handle on the Rotary cover. And included a black heat-insulating felt coasters/table mats will be included. As a Variant finum now also a darkened canister offers, which conceals the tea coloration, when tea drinkers would not properly wash your pots with filter and not give in the dishwasher should come forward. The filters and tea preparation products of the brand finum manufactured by company Riensch & held GmbH & Co.KG in the Hamburg headquarters in Allermohe.