Park District

Company Atlant Invest announces sales of 4 buildings in the neighborhood 'Solntsevo Park'. New district "Solntsevo Park" is located in Leninsky District, Moscow Region, 9 km from the capital by road Borovsky. Leninsky district is located on Teplostanskoy Hills on r.Bittsa (left tributary Pakhra), 23 km south of Moscow. The area of the Leninsky district of Moscow region – 47 526 ha, population – 131 thousand people. The area is divided into 12 districts. It consists of 1 town, 1 village urban, 126 rural settlements.

The territory of the Leninsky district of Moscow region lie three railroads and 7 highways of federal importance. History of the Leninsky district is connected with many events past. In XI. in the district there are villages of East Slavic tribe vyatichey. The first half of XIV century. In the spiritual of Ivan Kalita was first mentioned one of the settlements in the area. Island, from the XVI century. suburban residence of the great Muscovite princes and kings.

XVIII-XIX centuries. in these areas on the banks of rivers and scenic ponds on the draft's best architects are built manor ensembles Valuev Znamenskoye cages, Sukhanov Filimonki. In 1902, on the spot the estate of Countess EA Adelberg commercial society "Self" has officially opened the cottage settlement "seen". In 1935, approved the general plan of reconstruction of Moscow, which provided for the further economic and development was seen. The district has about 300 historic sites and landmarks. Among them, the village interviews, near which in 1380 Dmitry Donskoy gathered his troops before setting out to do battle with Mama. In the village so tent has survived Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in the 90s of the XVI century. In picturesque surroundings on the bank of the river are famous Pakhra Hills – an architectural monument XVIII-XIX centuries. Now it is the State Historical Reserve, "Lenin Hills." Twenty-four housing buildings were erected in the neighborhood of 56 hectares, in a picturesque corner of the Moscow region, next to a forest park by the Ulyanovsk Solntsevo. Next door housed buried in greenery and gardens sanatorium area Peredelkino. Buy an apartment in the building, in the district "Solntsevo Park" – is not only a profitable investment of money and comfortable accommodation on the top developers. District "Solntsevo Park" is of special interest to those people who want to choose the best option to buy apartments in new buildings at competitive prices. Transportation: train, Buses, taxis, airport, ecological regions: the neo-peredlkino resort, forest-park zone. Residential buildings housing district "Solntsevo Park" presents a monolithic panel and houses with balconies, terraces and bay windows from 14 to 25 floors. The total area of new housing district is more than 500 thousand square meters The overall plan area provides a convenient location of institutions in each of the three parts of the district "Solntsevo Park. " The project envisages the construction of clinics, placing the public library, bank branch, multi-tiered parking ground. In the south, "Solntsevo Park" along the promenade recreation at the pond on the river faces accommodate teaching and educational complex of the two schools with well-developed athletic core. Directions: From Art. Metro South West bus 510, a destination in the region, to the neighborhood "park Solntsevo" Pyhtino village. From Kiev Station to Station "Vostryakovo", then public transport number 32 or Art. Solar, then by bus 750