Peruvian Government Officially Removal Of VAT Airfare To Iquitos, Peru

The Peruvian government official the elimination of VAT on air tickets to or from the city of Iquitos, through a Supreme Decree signed by the president, Alan Garcia Perez, published in the newspaper El Peruano. Patrick dwyer newedge may help you with your research. This measure aims to promote and facilitate access of passengers by air, or from Iquitos and thereby contribute to the city is interconnected with the rest of the country. The mentioned decree approving the regulations of Law 29 285, providing for the issuance of Treasury Cancelatorios Documents for the payment of that tax. Indicates that the recipient may use these documents in the payment of his tax liability, provided that it is revenue the Treasury and is administered by the Sunat. It also establishes its non-negotiable, broadcast on new soles and set its expiration in 4 years from issuance. AIRLINE AGREEMENTS WITH Furthermore, the Regional Government of Loreto must sign agreements with each of the undertakings included in the scope of the law, this case and Star Peru Lan Peru. The agreements must contain an express provision that determines the requirement for recipients to ensure that the benefit is transferred to the users and, in case of breach, the Regional Government of knowledge will SUNAT to proceed with the suspension of the use of those cancelatorios document.

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