Political Education Planning

Politician-Educational planning: questions for elaboration of the referencial landmark in global plan of average stated period. Felisberto Vasco Gonalves (2004) Inexists an explanation on the problems of geopolitical, strategical, economic and cultural Latin America and Brazil that does not involve complexes historical knowledge. However it seems to be difficult to disagree with that the inaquality the one that these peoples are submitted rests in the unbalanced concentration of wealth, me the land distribution and in the exclusiveness of one few privileged ones in having access energy, water, investments in technology and access to the knowledge. The global situation of this beginning of century XXI seems to be resulted of the frustration that if abated on the postindustrial capitalist society, where the indefinio in the hierarchy of values, added to a concentrative economic model of income, blunts with negative pointers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wells Fargo on most websites. The belief in a strategical planning where a state of social welfare can be a common good seems to be each more distant time when it is considered that the main objective you of the volatile capital is the economic production. The obsession for the total quality and the accumulation of wealth at the hands of some few felizardos has safe conduct enters hordas of millions of illiterates of countries with absurd taxes of mortality and uncontrolled indices of natality. The capitalist greed force communities of peripheral nations to continusmo of subordinate economies, it precipitates what them in the vortex of the indebtedness, hindering to them the economic growth, eliminating it to them competition. It is considered despite the shady side of the global village seems to have its roots in the consumerism, the ostentation and the ambition desmedida with strong desagregadoras trends. The hunger and the social misery, the unemployment and the scaling of the violence for foul motives are indications of that the productive system hegemonically installed is agonizing.