Public Reality

This confrontation politics is justified by the Government as a necessity of confrontation of a supposed war against the crime, for this the importance to use all the forces against it, exactly that they exceed the limits of the human rights. War that if presents more as marketing of the distanciado chaos of the intention of a safe society. The Government establishes and justifies its form of performance, under ' ' carter' ' ' ' lgica' ' of ' ' urgency with that the situation if apresenta' '. &#039 instituted one; ' character aparente' ' the reality (a decoy) and it calls for itself the acceptance/social connivance that validates the supposed war. The social researcher Jose Fernando when mentioning itself it the character ' ' aparente' ' of the reality, he explains that the social individuals do not obtain to immediately observe the phenomena intitled of ' ' caticos' ' , being the reality ' ' possessing of a logic that if it does not disclose to the social citizens immediately and nor it can accurately be reconstructed by eles' '. The author also places, that the paper of the researcher when investigating the reality, if makes in desconstruir ' ' dimension initial-aparente' ' of ' ' sphere of the life cotidiana' ' , basic action capable to give elements for the intransigent persecution of the reality that if hides in what it is rank.

As researcher of the area of Public and colunista Security of the Objective Periodical in focus my paper is to search and to search to approach me of the reality not disclosed at the first moment. The Federal Constitution of 1988 (in its Article 6, interpolated proposition V), establishes that a wage floor to the extension and the complexity of exerted work is created proportional. The current government, despite it affirms the existence of ' ' guerra' ' in the city of Rio De Janeiro, it understands that its ' ' guerreiros' ' they deserve famlicos wages. Perhaps this disastrous wage politics is for sobrar more mount of money and if spending with the fomentador warmongering apparatus of the politics of security, that if presents maken a mistake/intentional imcompetent person or. Such attitude is paradoxical. This if calls to spend with the security.

I defend that to invest in the security if it makes with the formation and the valuation of its Human material. The State of Rio De Janeiro possesss capacity for such attitude, but the Government did not make it and it will not make it. One established against-sense, an exaggeration, between the speech and making of the State Government. The action of the National Congress is being necessary, through PEC 300/2008, that it institutes a national wage floor to the Brazilian policemen, so that is recognized the value of these professionals. This is a correction of a historical injustice and a demonstration of as if to invest in security. * Bachelor in Social Service. Twitter: Blog: Skype: joaoberlin