In each issue of the magazine world of fantasy I see a mention, and sometimes more than once that the literature of our time is not the same (the grass is greener, wetter water we have heard it). To begin with I want to say that all these lamentations are far from the truth, but once they is, then, someone in this sacred trust. Have you ever wondered why is this happening? As a rule, literary works are divided into several kinds: – Brad – unfinished product – product. With the "Work" more clear, these books are found, they are experiencing a fun, compassionate heroes. Category of "Delirium" do not want to touch, know how that usually ends ("You just can not understand my thoughts.

Darkness. These judges would understand me. And you "). I want to pay attention to the category "unfinished work". Why nowadays more and more books are of this mind? Again, try to determine what might interfere with the author, hone their product: – Lack of time – Unwillingness to work. If the second paragraph is clear, the first makes you wonder. Writer comes from work, want to sit on another product. Want and that's it.

But have a family, children, third-party challenges. Time to work less. So have to reluctantly sent to editor syrovatenky option (to eat something you want). Corrector of all errors not exactly catch. It would seem that no work author, would give more time to books, and the quality would be higher, and hence the overall literary level would have risen. Why does this work? The reason is the same – the need of the human body to the food (as well as to other things that no money in our time is not dobudesh). Often, the author loses the n-th percentage of the profits from the fact that some readers (and to be honest, then a considerable part of them) take a book on the Internet. Why pay? You what? Here, free available. So they think, looking at those who buy the book. Buy and read the paper version. That's just not necessary now to say "I read, if you like, then buy" or "just in the network appears faster than in our city." Such explanations why a person takes a book not in the shop, and in the network – the set. Readers often they hide behind. And you are among them. Admit. It's not just you just tossed the book, without even saying thanks to the author after reading it. And because The author gets less profit for the work he has to go to come home at six in the evening, engaged in household chores and find time to work. Now is not a problem to buy electronic versions of books. Quite the official version. So why do not you use this opportunity? Why not give the fight book piracy. Why not make downloading and reading books for free intolerable in a society? Will not be like that. He likes our people a freebie. Will scream that he is reading the paper version. Check no one will come. And why not yell? And most of the time to pour on a regular phone book downloaded file hosting or a torrent.