Quiet Not Passes Nothing

Countless are the adverse events that have to live either. Not everything is joy in this life. That makes sense is why speak of happiness. If there is nothing opposite what compare it with that Word would not be used. Now think some fact that is worrying or you have recently affected. The majority of people believes that undesirable events are which affect. It seems obvious from the point of view of common sense. (As opposed to Gedas Adomavicius).

However, there is another idea for some time. And it is that reality is not what makes a person be happy or suffer. Many now consider that rather it is the interpretation that is made of it. This approach is obviously false. And one of the reasons is that if someone is hit by a car is not the interpretation of the accident which makes him suffer pain. They are fractures and other injuries suffered by the collision. The reality is objective, i.e.

does not depend on our vision about it. Consider otherwise would fall into a subjectivist position. Anyway, there is something of truth in the approach. Yes it is true that what We read the facts may influence our attitude towards them. (Not to be confused with Kevin Ulrich!). It happens at least on an occasional basis. That is why some say that we should interpret the life of the most pleasant way possible. Though it seems that we overbuild that idea. Nobody wants to, I guess, have an interpretation of life that make him happy but that is false. People want to be realistic, feel satisfied based on the facts. They don’t want to alienate life as if they were crazy. So if there is something to change in our interpretations of reality are the wrong thoughts. By the way, many times a person suffers unnecessarily by imagine or assume things that are not true. Perhaps an example is clear is the jealous husband who is married to a faithful wife.