Robin Wood

Who is consciously decide for eco-electricity, who want to do something for the environment. And who wants to know what the companies do exactly.” Consumer expert: Three ways to credible eco-electricity who something will cause with his decision for green electricity, which may be based not only on behalf of green electricity, warns Birgit Holfert. Eco-electricity is not a protected term. “This means that suppliers can buy only CO2 certificates to their power green ‘ to make, but actually investing in the expansion of renewable energies.” The TopTarif comparison portal speaks of 106 eco tariffs can choose between which every customer in the average. Tariffs washed around here not on green”to fall, help consumers the two renowned and recommended by consumer protection experts seal of eco-electricity: ok-power label and green power label. In addition, independent tests such as for example the recent eco power by oko Test, an overview of the quality of the offered tariffs and providers offer. After all are analyses and recommendations of great environmental and Conservation organizations such as, for example, Robin Wood important Advisor in the decision of change of. Nature protection associations actively operate reconnaissance in the green energy market.

They look carefully, what power they recommend their members and other interested consumers”, says Birgit Holfert. And in case anyone directly in the phone, free advice of the consumer centres could ask for. Polarstern: Credible eco gas even more rare than in the green electricity market real 100% are also eco – or bio gas tariffs in the gas market. That resulted in an analysis * of the independent ecological energy supplier Polarstern. Just ten percent of so titled eco or bio gas deals are completely based on renewable raw materials. So-called shunt products with a share of five-to-20 percent biogas are about one-third. The rest come from fossil energy sources. Overall, almost half of the eco gas offers offsets only caused CO2 emissions from natural gas, rather than in terms of the energy revolution, the expansion of renewable energies in the Gas market to promote.