Russian Audit Chamber

With gas us out of the way? By the way, the burning question of png – one of those, who now is solved by surprisingly effective. And not even so much because of the delayed administrative measures, but because of the activity of oil companies. As long as Russia occupies a leading place in the world for flaring associated gas. Instead of sell to Europe or to use within the country, we annually waste is burned for more than 20 billion m3 of associated gas, which leads to the release into the atmosphere to 400 thousand tons of pollutants. Hyundai pursues this goal as well. According to the Russian Audit Chamber, the losses of the Russian oil industry from the flaring of associated gas in 2009 amounted to 1,3 billion dollars. This "wasting" of energy resources could not disturb the government.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, Russia plan to bring level of utilization of associated gas to the global average – 95%. It is assumed that this rate will put in place in 2014, but because it exceeded the oil companies will impose heavy fines. But some oil companies have long preoccupied with this issue. According to Igor Zaikin, Head of the Department of industrial safety, environmental, scientific and technical activities of lukoil, in the last ten years, the use of associated gas increased to 79%. The third-largest Russian oil company TNK-BP will be able to move to 95-percent utilization of associated gas by 2012, which invests about $ 700 million a company "Surgutneftegas" back in 2007 this indicator reached (95%) – the highest level of utilization of associated gas in Russia. .