Russian Grid

This innovative approach in the EU and North America, despite the high cost solutions, today is much more preferable to compared to the extensive build-up generating capacity. The concept of capacity increase was widespread in the Soviet Union and today is expressed in the creation of duplicative and redundant power supply channels, but therefore, backup generation. As a consequence, the current Russian economy is characterized by record levels of energy intensity of gross domestic product (GDP). Promotion of intellectual power in Russia recently provided by the significant federal support. At the state level, it was announced on priorities for energy conservation and energy efficiency targets were set and their planned values, gradually formed the budgets to support the initiative. This support will greatly facilitate the involvement of private capital in projects, especially as the market SMART Grid brings together companies of different Profile: from device manufacturers and software developers – to installers and consulting companies. Geography Research: United States – a detailed analysis of the market SMART Grid; Russia – Analysis of current state grid, the trends related markets (accounting devices, smart buildings), the whole world – the overall market. The report consists of seven sections.

The first section presents the key definitions used in the future in the report. The second section describes the components of the concept of SMART Grid: Smart Grid levels, the basic elements and principles of interaction on every level. In the third section provides a quantitative assessment SMART Grid world market and its individual segments (hardware, software).