Hello, my name is Olga I want to share with you the idea of one very lucrative and profitable business. After the birth of his daughter In 2004, I was just like any loving mom wanted to keep the memory hands and feet, I became search for information, but in my hometown there was no such firm that engaged in the creation of a specific product, as well as stores do not sell kits for self-production, it was necessary to order by Internet, and then I had an idea: “And why, I do not organize your business, especially not one I came up with this idea to save on memory hands and feet.” Told to do. I began to search for those who directly engaged in the business. I found a lot of information on this subject and concluded that this business is just beginning its first steps here in Russia, unlike the European and American market, where it is very popular, even to speak what is fashionable. In the end, after three months in my hands was Italian technology.

I created the company. Began to introduce the technology into production. Honed all the details, I gave the ad, went to the first orders by beginning there were very few, I’m very upset, but taking a staff of experienced advertising manager and giving the “right ads, my business went up the hill, the first time I went to the orders herself, leave her baby with a nanny or a grandmother, a I was not even the office..