South Tyrolean Wine

Rediscovering a lost trend sport now where again the time has come where the Sun is getting stronger and the snow slowly pulls back, the flowers slowly stretching from the Earth and the birds that chirp with air illuminate ventures also the Haq slowly back out of his familiar home and begins to spend his spare time in nature. When me and my friends, the idea came up here in the mountains. Hiking was too boring and uneventful to us and so we decided to try out my grandfather’s hobby: Torggelen. “Torggelen” for the season of autumn is actually provided but we found after a short search out that also in the recent season numerous inns to the “Torggelen” download. The schedule of our Almabtriebe was as follows: we drove the car in the direction of South Tyrol and parked it near some inns and wine growers. Then the fun began. In a total of 8 different inns and wineries we settled down to a comfortable break. Excellent wine were us autumn left remained chestnuts and other South Tyrolean delicacies served.

We had not planned the overnight but the hospitality of the wine growers was so overwhelming that we after his offer to stay on his farm could not cancel and enjoyed a real half-board a real dirt cheap. At breakfast with loose talk with the winemakers learned we are almost all farmers of the area in a wine club member and can interact with each other constantly. To avoid bad investments and can plan how much revenue they can expect next year. To sum up, we had learned auchnoch many information about the occupation of the Weinbauerns in addition to a good time. Summary remains to say that we will continue the old hobby of my grandfather’s in any case. Next time, however, we are not again make the mistake and quoted the trip in the autumn. So we hope to see an even greater range of Inns and wineries to be found. Frank Brown