Spain Price

At present the price of the ground in Spain has a very high price, but the ground is not a little good. In Spain ground exceeds throughout, which lacks is ground in which it is allowed (in exchange for the corresponding bribe) to construct. One calculates that at the moment the ground approximately represents half of the price of the floor, by what the true liberalization of the ground would until now suppose a radical change in the valuation of the immovable ones on the well-known. The bribe pays in first instance the promoter of the building or urbanization to it, but the one that pays in the end it really (involuntarily and without knowing it) is the buyer of the floor. To this it is necessary to unite the fact that normally the permissions occur according to the rate of sales of the floors already finished, so that there is not true competition between promoters and to avoid therefore the fall of prices of the floors (and of the bribes). Decades ago it was very difficult to buy a car in Spain by different reasons (SEAT was a state company with a very inefficient production that supply did not give to the demand, to concern a car of the foreigner was necessary to ask for a permission that took much in time in granting itself, etc.). As a result of the all this price of the cars (considering the inflation) he was far beyond the present one, was people who resigned to have car by the bureaucratic problems, the election possibilities were ridiculous compared with the present ones, etc. Even there was people who asked for the purchase of a car and when, spent the time, the date approached in which they were going to grant the automobile to him asked for resold that right to a price superior to another person who was in a hurry to obtain a car and obtained a benefit (legitimate, by all means) in return.