Stories About Facundo Discrimination

Facundo was a child in which nature was wroth with his combinations. Innocent creature that paid a high price because the genetics as well arranged. His parents loved him with all her soul in spite of the difficulties. The first years were very tough at home. Specialized education, learn every syllable and every word, teach your child to concentrate and even the simplest gesture that inhabits the everyday. One fight constant along with her parents, aware of its passage in life would be like the brightness of a comet. He learned to love everything that was possible.

And grew up as one child, although a very few similar. The ten years his situation deteriorated sharply. The dilemma that arose at the time was terrible: hospitalize him until his goodbye, or share as possible at home. The love of his parents overcame the uncertainties. Facundo would stay at home while his heart beat.

Although I could hardly walk, he walked with his Dad for the neighborhood when the weather allowed it. The spring was beautiful and the field shone. In a bounded Prado, a few children her age had fun playing football. Facundo is grabbed into the fence, watching the two teams. The yellow earned a blue for two to zero. With the hands firmly grasped to wiring, the heart of Facundo took a turn. -Dad, do you think that they will no longer play a little? Lips trembled her father. A child as Facundo, so fragile, not used to be admitted or integrated into any site. But if you managed to convince these guys, give your child the feeling of being part of a group. It has never been the case and the time was opportune. In the rest of regulation time, Facundo and his dad entered the field and approached the bench. The captain of the blue team wore a Red Ribbon on the arm.