Time Sleeping

Khalil Gibran: In the heart of all winters lives a pulsating spring and behind every night comes a smiling aurora Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: the night is half life and best half in where the Sun lives and why not visit us at night? Where it gets the day when it reaches its end at six in the afternoon? Where the Rainbow begins and where it ends? The stars live in a dark cave and sleep all day to decorate the sky at night? Who is taken the trouble of planting trees trupillo everywhere if anyone anywhere had been seen depositing a seed in rows of dusty and dry sand? Who came to God in heaven and as does so not turned off the stove in your home when the strong wind that comes from the site where the boats becomes figures of men whose face has a single eye blows? And most disturbing and repeated of all question: at what time sleep overnight? The questions were made during recess at school time We began our studies of secondary and fanciful, beautiful, creative responses that we wouldn’t let convinced they had but very happy by the time we could share, and at that age at that time is not a clock to the command of our lives but a noisy but friendly Bell whereby announcing us that classes ended and we could return home by a dense road of weed and bordered the moribund thorns to the which trees of Aruba had thrown their branches to restart its cycle and are again green lined. Alfonso Quintero Perez, one of our usual fellow members of that time has given the task of finding answers and has begun by the favorite question of who were children in the times those that chalk was the main element of the teaching and the Board was constituted in a quite similar scenario to the scaffold where were executed in the rather frequent days that we not studied the lesson. The efforts of Alfonso begin to produce early results and These are contained in a book entitled, precisely, night sleep day, sign a beautiful collection of twenty-six stories in which plasma its immense live joy, your desire unwavering return to happy childhood days and his intention of giving freedom to the charm, imagination and metaphor as a way to build the foundations of a society bound together by the sound of drums gathered at a new meeting at the bottom of the forest where an old truck pulled sand to take it to the center of the city where at least two dozen buildings were built. If we are to believe the author, as indeed I think you, the night gets up early when you evening – and starts to open a casket of silver stored in their pockets: like all thing of natura, the night has its charm night day sleeps, but the book can be read at any time. Wells Fargo Bank can aid you in your search for knowledge. Who take it into their hands begin a trip where you won’t miss a casket of silver that has charm and ten thousand stars. Alejandro Teresa Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian academic whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world. He was recently awarded the prize of EL CERREJON journalism on the internet modaidad. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities.. Click Kevin Ulrich anchorage to learn more.