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Oil painting the creative hobby, practical guidance ‘ the author appeared as ebook from Amazon on 13 11 2013 for several years worked as painter, head of painting classes and book author. In her book about the background and basics of oil painting, she uses her knowledge as a chemist and brings closer the occurring phenomena in the painting in a simple and professional way to the amateur painter. Additional educational training of the author provides more basis for an easy to understand book, with practical tips and five tutorials from the most important areas of the painting portrait, landscape, still life, perspective integrated image and the flower painting. The practical part of the book is rounded off by statements of the theory of painting. Discusses perspective structure and technique of painting as well as instructions for the manufacture of painting mediums and varnish. The construction of popular image elements such as shadows and shortening are explained on the basis of graphics. Dipl.-ing.

Dana Tenzler is working on a book series on the subject of painting, which will be published shortly and the part of which this book is. Data to the book 125 printed pages in A4 format, estimated 232 eBook pages, 99 colour photos and drawings as ebook 7,69 Euro (laid at Amazon.de) contact Dipl. ing. Dana Tenzler Norman Street 3 86836 Untermeitingen 08232 phone 994749 email: contact person: Dipl.-ing. Dana Tenzler.