The Charms Of Marrakech

If you thinking of visiting Morocco, is basically impossible to not conceive the idea of visiting one of the essences most fundamental and primordial country, Marrakech. Then, especially located on the foot of the Atlas, such a splendid and exotic city of over one million and a half inhabitants has numerous monuments belonging to the heritage of mankind, as also a myriad of diverse attractions for the tourists freshly arrived to enjoy. The origin of Marrakech takes place from 1062, when a moravide known as Yusuf Tasfin managed to plant in a place and made grow a Palm Grove which then arose the city. This is clear, a very touristy town, with hundreds and hundreds of people with cameras in hand trying to capture the beauty that surrounds them. On the other hand, their small markets and souks have all kinds of products, not to mention that it is possible to find posts of Tanagers posts snakes, classic street vendors, henna tattoo artists, charmers with all kinds of exotic juices, among various positions of meals that are most popular. But the real charm can be found in the Saadian tombs, which by the way is a cemetery of the Saadi dynasty, opened to the public for the first time since 1917. The square of Jemaa el Fna is furthermore one of the most popular places, and that clearly can not miss on your visit to Marrakech.

It is a symbol of identity of this city, where people can go to get involved with your important social and commercial activity, provided that what is sought is knowing, or buy clear. Finally, plaza, located at the entrance of the Medina, has in its surroundings of delicious Moroccan teahouses and cafes if what you prefer is having a good time. Although before the end of the walk it is essential not to lose the walls of adobe in the city, incidentally changing color during the day, depending on the incidence of sunlight, the Royal Palace and the Menara gardens.