The Different

Certainly, the changing context conditions of different way education in the educative scopes. Diverse associated challenges to problems of social, technical, didactic and even ethical character exist, that must be contemplated in their total dimension of complexity to be able to analyze, to reflect and to construct to strategies of significant education and learning. This reality, impregnated of one increasing distrust in the knowledge and the professional preparation *2, also is made difficult by an uncertain and random context. From the beginning of the formal education, work is had on the best way to teach. Of the authoritarian techniques to the democratic ones, of the processes trims in the educational ones to the focused ones in the student and of direct education to the hint. To innumerable studies and tending investigations to the search have been developed of better practice of education, and nevertheless, the conclusion is overwhelming: is no a way to teach that he is best *3 It extremely turns out complex to detect effective paradigm of education and learning, a model that prevails by over the rest, a landlord shared by the educational community of which it combines basic concepts and common procedures under a practices frame of best, serving as governing way towards the goal as better education . Very on the contrary the coexistence of different perceptions is detected easily about which they are the legitimate problems and therefore, which are their solutions.

It is that in truth, as they conclude Eggen t Kauchak, is no a unique approach of appropriate education for all the situations *4. Of there, the different modalities developed according to the inner context (classroom), to the outside (socio-economic) and tens of other factors that prevent the construction of a unique unquestionable model, immutable and effective. A to start off of the knowledge of this reality, enseaza is fundamental the use from injunctive strategies designed to fulfill goals of each particular, like tools to facilitate the educational task towards the effectiveness, through the systematization, but without meaning this the substitution of the knowledge and abilities that they own own of education.