The Idea – The Organization Of The Restaurant On The Roof. Summer Cafe

Recently, more and more in Russia created a rooftop restaurant. Currently, the most actively developing similar business in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This building is a restaurant, and quite comfortable and convenient, the main thing unusual for a Russian man. Visitors of these establishments is a strong positive impression. Place for a restaurant or cafe and documentation Operation roof – it is a complicated engineering task. Must take into account the carrying capacity of reinforced slabs, vlagoizolyatsionnost with an effective drainage system. The project must not violate any applicable rules of operation and regulation of altitude. All this is more agree in detail with the owners of the building permit for the reconstruction of the facade. To collect all necessary documents, permits and licenses, will take some time. Start this work as soon as find suitable premises. Price niche All depends on where the restaurant and the size of the area. Necessary to conduct demographic analysis of district location facility: age, occupation, people, the average income, location, transportation and parking. Need to determine what type of restaurant will be of interest to the public in the area. The chef designs the menu, and thus determines the needs of your customers the restaurant and its style. Pay attention to the chef, he is you should already be in development. Brand name of the restaurant should be bright and sonorous. Due to the unusual arrangement. Attracts visitors and with perfect interior institution. After opening the best place to start to work about a month without advertising, to debug the "work" on the roof of the institution, after already starting a full-scale advertising campaign. Financial Plan Despite the uniqueness of the project, No need to worry primarily about how much money do I need to open a restaurant on the roof. Institution must first be profitable, that is repaid in 2-3 years. The staff team makes a restaurant successful, and starts work for a long time to open a restaurant. Now the roof of residential and commercial buildings is almost not exploited, so the market is very attractive. An additional plus to this project, of course, the benefits for owners who receive additional income from the "roof".