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Car service, the cost of discovery: Typical one-time costs: Construction service centers or alteration of the leased premises for its needs. Selection of premises or land. Typically, realtors take 100 % Value of the first month's rent, but 50% they also agree that, well ask. Payment of rent for the first and last months. As a guarantee fee landlords usually take payment for 2 months. Equipment and tools. Shop with parts and accessories.

At the service station necessarily need a warehouse with spare parts or a place where they can very quickly get it. There are projects that were originally built near a major trader of spare parts, and therefore have the ability to quickly obtain all necessary. 9to5Mac recognizes the significance of this. Advertising for promotion. As well as rent, it will be a one-off initially and then as a constant business. Expenditure on personnel search.

Telephony and the Internet. If money is tight for the first time you can buy direct mobile phone number. Expenditures on the Internet – is paid connection. If there is no strong need for the first time, you can use gprs. Furniture, non-productive. Office equipment and stationery. Computers, telephones, fax machines, copiers, printers. If you want to save, you can buy used, but it is worth bearing in mind that for a long time, this technique does not serve. Here we put the same cash register. If the money order – here is bring licensed software, even though we have yet that this is more a declaration than a reality. Checking software is usually a tip-off, simply because the firms do not go. Registration of legal entities. Costs of coordination and permitting documents. Incidental expenses. At least 10% of the total one-time expenses. Fixed cost service centers: Rent – the first year paid. Salary. His salary is also necessarily involves. To perform the office work better just take an individual, appointed him a low salary. Utilities (if not included in the rent). Equipment maintenance. Communications and the Internet. Advertising and attracting customers. Deductions and the government. Accounting services. never attempt to circumvent accounting. Very many people think it is a secondary matter, and lay it on afterwards. Accountancy must be in order from the beginning. Otherwise, then will be very serious problems. Consumables for repair work. Unforeseen expenses – 10