The Revival Of Legends Car Sound

Due to non-combustibility of manuscripts in time transformed into digital form, it is easy to find the first publication about the Phoenix Gold in the pages of any magazine. In one of them made an explanation for the name of the company. With respect to both Gold, and Phoenix. With the "Gold" are relatively simple: the initial profile – production of cables and accessories, and that Phoenix Gold first began producing gold terminals, lugs and the like. In 1985, it was unheard of innovation, auto tuning with the help of car audio, even in his own country was in its infancy, but now instead of plastic nipples yuvelirka portrayed in the range of … Much more complicated and even somehow confusing to Phoenix. According to the dictionary, as you know, it's name the mythical bird.

Myth assumed one, but over the millennia they have a lot more. Let's start with the most primitive. The letter "o" in the word Phoenix in any way and never read it – legacy of Greek origin of birds. Americans say "Phoenix", that is their business, we are accustomed to, "Phoenix", a bird, then a … When Americans say "Phoenix", at least nine times out of ten they have in mind is not self-healing bird, and a district center in the state Arizona, where, indeed, a considerable part of the industry based car audio. This myth was debunked back then, in 1999. Born in Oregon, Phoenix Gold spent the greater part of life, only recently moving to more warmer climes, Florida.