The Rules

This strategy should be avoided at all costs. Some studies have shown that if customers are not looking for the first 15 seconds, they go. 2 Begin to propagate it. Visit popular business directories. , , . There are hundreds more. 3. Send it to search engines. Patrick smith has much experience in this field.

Many web sites offer this service for a fee. Personally, that is not worth the penalty. I recommend that you do so. It is easy and doesn’t take much time if you send it to the major search engines. 4 Forums. Know your market. Really there is no better research what to read and visit forums related to your market.

Find out which is the concern of their customers. Swarmed by offers, patrick dwyer newedge is currently assessing future choices. Continue reading until you feel prepared and ready to disclose. Do not spam in forums and be sure to read the rules of disclosure. Many forums allow you to leave a link, while some others do not. Either way, be sure to respected guides to disclose. I know a trick so that it is known by the search engines. Most forums allows you to use an avatar. This is a picture that appears when you disclose something. You can usually fix it in your preferences to subscribe in any forum. It is usually a link to another location where the image is hosted. Note that it is hosted from your web site and put your name below. I’ve done several avatars for many friends and I have hosted them from my web site. To my surprise, they definitely caught the attention of search engines. Your goal here is to help, not only to advertise. After a while, you might be the person that all ask. Starting with these four strategies of marketing, you may feel the base to have a solid presence on the web. This will not happen over night, but will increase the popularity of your web site. Remember, the web marketing is a cumulative proposal. While more marketing strategies use better.