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At the end of the year reports are are reviewed, some components are changed the business cycle starts again. Second, the strategic communications plan is individual. There is no blueprint for all companies, services or products. It is not mass production. A communications consultant is the expert will determine the way forward with the help of their employer. OJO! The strategic plans are not only to enhance a gloomy picture of your business but also to maintain or improve yourself.

Strategic communication requires: 1 – Proper research and planning, beginning capture both the short and long term strategies to achieve them. Here is contemplated for example: a. Analysis of market situation and b. Diagnosis that reflects the needs for example: i. Strengthening or establishment of business image. ii. Recognition of the public. iii.

Increased sales. c. Determine how they will be, TV, radio, print, Internet, advertising alternating (billboards, bus ads, stickers on the floor of shops, etc..,), How to use, ie visual or print ads, postcards , pamphlets, flyers, etc., and the frequency of these tactics. 2 – Assign a budget. For less than your budget, you should always be allocated to marketing, promotion, advertising and public relations for your business. 3 – Schedule or candelarizar the plan in black and white to serve as a guide and can run at exactly the strategies and tactics. In my case, the use of 6 months or 1 year. 4 – Implementation of the strategic communication plan. 5 – Evaluation. Here we know the effectiveness of strategies, what worked and what did not. More importantly, it closes a cycle and opens another. After a thorough review, the new plan is drawn up. Finally, do not make two basic mistakes: 1 – Delete the budget. Many entrepreneurs do not recognize that advertising does not imply zero support, zero customers and no sales. 2 – Unfortunately, making communication in SMEs is seen as something simple that anyone can do, so he was not making importance in the organization of a company. Far from the truth! Did you do financial transactions of your business as a CPA or handle legal documents, as does an experienced attorney? Finally, 3 – Whether the company is willing to implement a communication plan. Then, to be captured the strategic communications plan on paper is not worth having, and shelved. Remember the strategic communications plan should become your business everyday. To make the most of your objectives, mission and vision his company in 2010, support is needed for a communications professional.