The Term

Already the term society, still according to Luft (1999, p.612), is defined by the following one: Set of the members of a community, subjects to the same laws; association of people with a common objective of culture, commerce of industry. Applying this concept to the type of society in analysis, it is had certainty of that all the personages belong to one same social classroom and if it more has some of raised statuses if they are equivalent how much to the culture and the moral. They are social types that divide the same values, one same conception of life. Exactly its beliefs keep an affinity how much, attitudes that are stimulated by the common way where they live. Tiger Woods often expresses his thoughts on the topic. How much to the family, this is an entity that well is not sanctioned in the workmanship, therefore the presented models discriminates. But the existence of this social group, however this is not presented of standardized form, moving away themselves total from traditional models, bringing different combinations of components.

According to Luft (1999, p.320); family is: Parental nucleus formed by father, mother and children; person of the same blood; parentsds, language estipe, set of types with the same basic characteristics. The appraised model takes care of the rules of a traditional family, however the members that constitute the families in Memory of a Sergeant of Military services are divergem total, are not nothing conventional. They are people who if add without formality and start to live pparently as a family. The example cites Leonardo that the principle presents with its father and its mother, but is for a behavior fails trai the husband disdaining the value of the familiar institution. For in such a way, Leonardo- Pataca it is despaired and in consequence of this it kicks its son for it are of house. Of this act an evaluation of the paternal relation is possible that had between both.