The “White Castle

The “White Castle System” See also: White Castle (restaurant) White Castle No. 8 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On November 16, 1916 the chef and entrepreneur Walter Anderson (“Walt”) opens a hamburger stand in Wichita, Kansas hygienic cooking methods (using grills and spatulas) impressed Wichita customers, and thus little were getting a bit regular. At this time the burger was not known to the public of EE. UU. Walter added to your burgers onion rings when they were on the grid, something that made their burgers had a distinctive flavor. Due to the increasing demand, very often they bought hamburgers by the dozen, giving rise to popular slogan that the company subsequently identified “buy’em by the sack” (buy a bag). Despite growing for a while, “Walt” had only four stands in the busiest areas of the city.In 1926, the U.S. broker Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram is associated with Walter to open the first White Castle restaurant in Wichita. The restaurant was founded with the idea of cooking a hamburger quickly and this gives the honor of being the first chain of fast food restaurants. ‘Billy’ soon realized that the word “burger” at the time likened the U.S. public circus performances at livestock markets, a greasy piece of meat eaten in the lower districts of the city. Edgar Waldo tried to change from the first moment that concept and is called by some as the Henry Ford of the hamburger (movement called Fordism). invented a restaurant concept that launched the burger to fame, called it ” The White Castle System (White Castle System). Between 1923 and 1931, the “White Castle System” made almost a hundred restaurants were established in cities throughout the U.S. Midwest.To raise awareness among their employees, issued a pamphlet newspaper (a kind of newsletter) entitled: “The hot hamburger,” in which creativity instigated to improve with the sale of food. The idea was simple: to develop rapidly the burger and ask to be anywhere and eat almost any position. Instead of going to a restaurant and wait half an hour to be served, White Castle System provided within a reasonable time a menu that the burger became a central ingredient. At that time the burger was served, usually with coffee. Upton Sinclair’s novel entitled The Jungle (“The Jungle”) had caused a scandal on the processing of meat, so that now the general public offers a ‘clean’ and clarity. The White Castle restaurant chain offering cleaning regularly and above all ensured that each patty was served equally in each of the restaurants.This was a novel idea back then that would generate a new concept on how to serve food in a restaurant. During the early years, White Castle emphasized providing quality coffee and made studies on the nutritional quality of their burgers Universities pay studies. White Castle chain based his triumph in the power of propaganda, something that was original at that time, much needed to change the negative perception that the average U.S. consumer had the following scandals over meat processing. 1931 is the first restaurant to announce their burgers in newspapers with the old slogan Anderson: buy ’em by the sack. Its restaurants first opened the windows to the outside to offer a take-away. ” White Castle is known for being the first to market square burgers, called “sliders” and were offered at a price of five cents (a nickel) to the forties. White Castle was founded in March 1921 in Wichita, Kansas.Billy Ingram was a partner with cook Walter Anderson and they opened the restaurant chain White Castle (White Castle). The idea was to offer low-cost meals on a regular basis and hygienic. They opened another restaurant in Kansas City in 1924. In 1932White Castle entered its first subsidiary: “Paperlynen Company, this company provided the cards and wrapping paper hats hamburgers and kitchen staff. Similarly porcelain acquired companies were responsible for building small White Castle restaurants, using white porcelain facades features. Walter Anderson contributed very innovative ideas that today are considered, for example implemented the use of a special spatula to cook the pieces of meat on the grill and make plans to tighten up, he was also the first to design and make a special bread for the burger.