Uniblue Registry Booster

Every computer needs a proper maintenance for optimal performance.If you do not keep your computer, the pc goes increasingly slower and you’ll have each time, more problems.There are several elements that you must keep: Windows in general, drivers/DLLs and the Windows registry. A Pc users are familiar to Windows updates and most people, have already installed once a driver update. But the registry is unknown to many people. And this is normal, because the Windows registry is hidden for users (for security issues). User can not modify registry (is possible, but not recommended), because the Windows registry is not easy to modify. Why keep this element, you do it, with a tool such as Uniblue Registry Booster.Mantener registry is very important! To know why you need it, I will explain first what role has, the registry in Windows. I can then explain how you can improve the performance of your computer and fix errors in Windows with RegistryBooster.

What is Windows registry? The Windows registry is a database where Windows and many programs keep their configurations. Windows and every program installed on your computer, use this database in an intensive way, Windows or a program starts, and while it is running.In other words, the Windows registry, is the brain of your computer. When you want to do something with your computer always being queried the registration of Windows.Algunos examples: start your ordenadorCuando you start your computer, Windows will load. Once Windows is loaded, load services like for example Msn Messenger. Determine which services and how many are going to charge, depends on the amount of services that are configured in the registry of Windows. starting an Aplicacioncuando you start a program, for example MSN Messenger, the program you want to load the list of all users that have already connected once, an application. This list is in the registry of Windows ImprimirCuando you want to print a document and you want to select a printer.