Using Technology In A Relationship

Suspicious wives and husbands take advantage of your afternoon naps, to check the list of incoming and outgoing calls. In this case, the 'ban on members of calls "tantamount to full disclosure. Our favorite cell phones have recently become the undisputed leading cause for divorce. Today you can easily communicate only when he or she is at a safe removal – in the shower, for example. Or when you walk in, it is worth trying to pretend that this is a business call and leave. Love on the phone – the most extreme sport this season. But the one who plays with open cards, who have nothing to hide, be entertained by watching others. The hotel, in a boat, a cabin on the lake do not miss the point: when you hear the bell, look at what will be frightened faces of husbands and wives.

Fans of fun on the side do not need now prowl the bars and try to inspire the work. As the number of mobile phones and computers, this task is simplified to the extreme. On the Internet, the mass of sites dedicated to just those for whom the 'monogamy evolved in monotony '- the motto of one of them. Well, after a potential partner is found, you can keep in touch via SMS directly in front of any unsuspecting husband or wife. However, the same technology can come to assistance to the injured party. There are programs that are setting on your computer, you can get all your satellite or companion were doing on the network. And if you put the car GPS (not to be confused with GPRS), then we can at the same time be aware of all movements of city. So change things up, but get on and it is also possible with greater ease. As the data obtained by researchers, almost half of respondents believe that the proliferation of new communication provoked a new wave of adultery.