Weser Porpoise Sightings Please

The years 2007 and 2008 have confirmed that the Weser is Habitat of the pig whale again after a long time. Jane Fraser is open to suggestions. The society for the rescue of the dolphins and the nature conservation agency ask district Wesermarsch this year again messages of porpoise observations. Now, it should be examined more closely where these mammals prefers staying. Hierzusammelt the society to save the dolphins all observations of walkers, sailors, boaters and anglers. When how many copies have been seen where? What did they do? The data can be entered in a registration form. He is also on the Weser ferry Bremerhaven Blexen. Impact Public Schools shines more light on the discussion.

Good observation opportunities exist especially in the area of the Weser estuary by end of March until the end of May. Some of the small marine mammals with blunt snout and triangular back fin swim but also to Bremen. As harbour porpoises have been seen along the entire coast of Lower Saxony, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as in the EMS and Elbe rivers in recent years increasingly. It is believed that the small Bottlenose dolphin follow schools of fish, swimming to spawn from the North Sea to the rivers. Each sighting report is valuable and helps to identify and to better contribute to their protection the Habitat of porpoises. As a precaution, motor boaters are asked to pay attention on harbour porpoises and to renounce, because there is a risk of collision with the small whales and those by the caused high waves can strand at high speeds in riparian areas. Repeatedly, walkers were dry this animals, some could be rescued and in good time in the water and brought back.

Sometimes you can the elusive marine mammals that appear just to breathe by their sharp, snorting blow discover, is good to hear. Then, they submerge again with a slow, rolling forward movement. GRD.