The idolatria is common in all religion something that represents the creator and all religion has the least conducts it to a symbol it, either this symbol called idolatria or worship of images or the simbolatria that are the worship to the symbols as altars with stars, Cross (this finding in many evanglicas churches), etc. Also we have the livrolatria that it is the cult based in a book saint that is something adored as the manifestation it verb the holy ghost or word of God, we have in the Christianity the Bible, the Brahmanism the sacred book Mahabharata, in the Hinduismo the sacred book Rig-Prohibition, in the Islamismo the Alcoran, Zoroastrianism the sacred book Zend Avesta, etc. Without speaking in the cult to the sacred places, such as: Mount of the Oliveiras (Christianity) Olimpo Mount (Religion Greek), sacred Mountain where Moises received the orders, waterfalls of Oxum, etc. Brothers where this the difference between the religions? The difference if exists, this only in the cult form the God and as in God everything is infinite, then infinite it is its creation and its form to disclose itself, or it is not truth that we have you vary race, some linguistic chunks, has the fauna and the flora that are exuberant and example of diversity and balance, we have diverse species of plants, leves, grass, flowers, trees etc, all with a purpose and all co-participants in the balance and maintenance of the planet. In animal kingdom the diversity of creatures is infinite and exuberant, one more incredible than to another one and all with a function it specifies in the balance of the creation. Between the human beings infinite cultures exist each one with its logic and order for the balance and the harmony of its people. The word love can be described in some ways, said in diverse languages between itself, put its direction and its essence remains untouchable, inviolable and perpetual. .