Kurusu Jegua

St. Helena was able to find the three crosses and to know in which of them crucified Jesus Christ decided to do a test. In effect, he sent to locate the body of a young man killed on the first two crosses and nothing happened. When they placed the deceased in the third cross, the young man resurrected. This miracle had occurred a May 3, hence the celebration of the day of the cross. Paraguay retame niko Kurusu Ara onemomora opaite henda rupi has oike umi nande jerovia has jepokuaa apytepe, nane tavarandupe. UPE arape heta tapicha AHA tyvytype omyengovia has ombopyahuvo kurusu ao; avei, oi onembojava kurusu upeicha tape oiha rupi, omyendy tataindymimi has onembo e; to? akatu pe mba tuichaveva oikova upe arape niko pe Kurusu Jegua.

Ogaygua has Ogaykeregua onembyaty voi guive has a SMS kurusu omopu renda? au ojejapova takuaragui has onembo apeva ka avove i has roguepe Pindus. Uperire, onemosa has onemosaingo hyepype opaichagua (aramiro, manduvi, mbokaja) chipa has ijysaja ambueva (ava, kurusura angava, yva kurusumbo apu). Uperire, mbytetepe, omohenda hikuai kurusupe. Kovape, onembohera Kurusu Jegua. UPEI, onembyatypa has onembo has omomora kurusupe.

Ipahape, opavo nembo and / e, oiko pe chipa po or has heseve onembosyryku kojoi. Avei, ja eva kurusurape anduhara omoiruhajepi Kurusu Jegua era has Kurusu Ara ipurahei asy rupive. In Paraguay, the tradition of the day of the cross is celebrated throughout the country, forming part of the Paraguayan popular culture. That day, people visit cemeteries, changing cloths of las cruces; also, revere the crossings of roads, where people approaching, light candles and pray; without However, the most important practice is Kurusu Jegua (ornament, adorn the cross). To that effect, families and neighbors – from very early hours – are responsible for building the niche of the cross with takuaras, covered with sheets of ka avove i and Palm. Then proceed to tie and hang the Sparks (starch, peanut or coconut), made with different forms (rings, crosses, rosaries). Later, in the midst of the niche, located the cross. This final box, is named kurusu jegua (decorated or adorned cross). Subsequently, before the niche, family and neighbors they meet to pray and worship the cross. Finally, upon the completion of the sentence, they start and savoring the accompanied by a baked rich chipa. It is worth noting that the Estacioneros or Pasioneros accompany the adoration of the cross and the day of the cross with his plaintive chants, known with the name of purahei asy. Original author and source of the article.

Jim Rohn

So although I started to move a little in my business, it was still very slow, at first I thought it was normal that in the first months to grow slower, but that there would be a moment that was going to take off, and therefore my income would grow. However that did not happen ever, came a moment in which I caught at that pace it would take a long time to achieve the revenue than expected, and I had to change my way of doing business. It was there when I decided to invest in my training and I record at MUNMI, a University that taught me step by step everything that I needed to develop my MLM business more effectively. I started to take courses, join seminars, to apply what they have learned, my business began to advance, and since then am going of course in course, book in book, seminar seminar, always trained me, and therefore moving in my business and I never stop investing in my training. Formal education will help him live.

The self-learning will give you a fortune Jim Rohn so as I’ve proven the importance of investing in my training to advance in my business, any person who is having success in your endeavors, be sure that also highlighted his importance. Unfortunately, as I said in my article the reality of money, most people prefer to spend their money on unnecessary, and passing things that leave them nothing for their future, as for example, in alcohol, in the antrum, in a better car that already have, in a better House that already have, in more clothes, holidays, among other things. I’m not saying that it is not well occasionally spend a well deserved holiday, or a good pachanga, and suddenly give you one than another luxury, but the bad abusing these expenses and put them above investments that can leave you something to your future.

Network Marketing

It struck me a lot a video of Tim Sales which talks about the main cause of failure in the Network Marketing. Curiously, the reason has no relation with our skills or special gifts, but with our conscious decisions. According to Sales, the main reason is the abandonment of the business. And I sincerely believe that you are right. The majority of the people joined the business without any knowledge of multilevel marketing, which is obvious if we think that we visited during our whole life dedicated to other activities. However, many are frustrated and end up retiring. But how can pretend to start something new if not even are dipuestos to learn what? Many enter excited because you’ve heard that a lot of money can be generated, however, this enthusiasm is short-lived if we are not willing to take action.Unfortunately, human beings have tendency to abandon everything new that it undertakes.

Conpruebalo wondering how many times in your life get started a routine of exercises, dance classes, diets or any purpose that you’ve left half. I’m sure that more than once have taken such decision. Same thing happens in MLM. Many people want to earn those dollars that have both mentioned them, but leave contradictorily due to laziness, fear, or because they believe that they do not have sufficient capacity.However, an important detail is forgotten us: nobody was born knowing. Persons who have become so high did not achieve its goal by chance: they departed from zero, were wrong, frustrated, just like all of us. The only thing I did different was not surrender. And does not require any special skill to decide not to leave, but simply a strong conviction of wanting to succeed. Camila original author and source of the article heads


Everything depends on the traffic Web that has your site, while more traffic you obtain in your site, more money you will win. 3. Google Search is Another Form To make Money with your Web site It works of way very similar to the announcements of AdSense, in fact pertece to the program of AdSense. The business model is here that while people use the tool search that you place with the program of AdSense, and they make a purchase in some of the pages of results, compensate then you by that purchase with a commission. Like anteriro you can here make extra money that helps you to resolve other expenses. 4. It uses the Site of Amazon Auctions Another great tool that will generate a few dollars this way and over there, everything by 10 minutes of your time to put a piece of code in your Web site and Amazon makes the rest. Amazon sells from digital products (information products) like elecgtrnicos books, software, ecursos, etc., to products fsicoa that dispatch directly in your address.

You can sail by amazon so that DES tells the great variety you of products that are sold. Practically you find any type of market. The form to make money by Internet with amazon, is promoting products of third parties that pay a commission by each sale. 5. Sale of Advertising Space You could sell advertising space, if you have a site that has much traffic. This is a very profitable way to make money by Internet. Since if you have a site by far traffic, and know your visitors very well, then you can sell space to companies that are interested in segment of market of your Web site. While more segmented traffic you have, major goes to be the potential of gains, since the companies medinas look for market niches to promote themselves.

Bucket Capacity

But minus the mini excavator for rent only one: a small performance and rarity of such services. Backhoe loaders in the lease. Services backhoe loader the most common because of the broad functionality of these machines. After all, they able not only to dig a hole, but even after working the soil, dig a trench, the ground or immersed in the debris dump. And to get to the object backhoe loader can under its own power: the maximum speed movement is about 45 km / h.

Digging depth backhoe loaders range from 2.5 to 6 meters. Bucket Backhoe 0,15 – 0, 30 m3 bucket capacity loaders, on average – 0.5 – 1.3 m3. Cons rental backhoe loader – small for serious work digging depth, low volume backhoe bucket. Pros – versatile, prevalence and low cost. Wheel excavators.

These machines have low speed (30 km / h) which increases the price of transportation and increase the time of delivery. But the deep digging wheel excavator can reach 7-8 meters. A Bucket Capacity – 1 cubic meter. On average, of course, some indicators are – depth of up to 6 meters, the standard bucket – 0.5 – 0.6 m3. An important advantage of renting a wheeled excavator – rubber wheels so do not spoil the soil, such as caterpillars, capacity and arm length is sufficient for most operations, not require special vehicles for transportation between sites. Crawler excavators for rent. Crawler excavators – the most powerful and most productive. Their fate – a serious construction. To deliver the required special trawl, whose services cost a lot. But the deep digging on heavy-duty models can reach 9 meters, and the bucket capacity – 2.25 m 3. Pavement tracked excavator can cause serious damage, so that it use is justified largely on the initial construction stage, when the main road is not paved. What you should know before you sign the lease an excavator? First, consider the cost delivery – it usually takes 1-2 hours of standard-setting work hours. The cost of this more clearly stipulated in the contract in his favor because he did not your problem if the driver has a lot of fuel burned at idle in traffic. Second, it must immediately scope of work and say the plot size, to determine the billing – will go to the change of charge or by the hour. How do the more the lease term, the lower the cost. And most importantly, ask for work experience operator, because the layman can not only perform the agreed work, but also to damage, such as communication.

Display Vision

Frequently, new situations, we often hear or say expressions as: seeing is believing, if not see it with my own eyes, if not I do not think so, etc. Indeed, we need to see things to believe in them and make them part of our reality; the question is that how we do it. Then how define your vision? Transferring your organization multilevel u another type of commercial organization, only seeing it today can have it tomorrow. It is necessary to have a vision of what you want to achieve and perform strategic planning. We can define vision, such as the ability to interpret our environment thanks to the rays of light reaching the eye.

But if we move to the business vision, as it should be the case with an MLM business, refers to what you as a company you want to create. In this case the vision is carried out by formulating an ideal image of the project, taking into account that if the business vision corresponds to more than one person must be established in advance matches. The practical purpose lies in being able to set a course for the company, in other words to be able to answer clearly the what for?. I can set as primary end spread the knowledge of the Organization, acting as a source of inspiration, instilling enthusiasm, etc. To the extent that increased responsibilities, at the same time increase pressures internal and external; reason why it is essential a constant training that provide the necessary tools to meet every challenge with ease. Having business vision means to be clear about what you want to create the company, the products to be marketed, recognition, etc. In short, each of the people who are part of the team should know is the heading, where they are going. Business vision based on the personal vision that must be considered globally, since it covers different areas of life.


While the situation of extreme tension has led him to take such determination contrary to its objectives on economic matters, I believe that it is noteworthy that it prioritised the social peace in the country. The conflict in the Peruvian Northwest is a wake up call that well can be replicated in the future between the lower social layers, which, when the economy was growing strongly, did not receive great benefit from this, and now that he is watching a strong slowdown, are affected first. Inequality in the appropriation of the benefits of economic growth has been highlighted by the international organization Oxfam (promotion of development and fight against hunger), which says in a report on the subject, the following: in the past eight years, the economy of the Peru grew at accelerated rates, but wages stagnated while the profits of companies operating in the country grew by above the profits of the 500 largest companies in the world. It is true that during the management of Alan Garcia an important poverty reduction has been achieved, but it is consequence mainly of the improvement in the situation of the Peruvian economy. The Government must make greater efforts to insert to the improvement in the social situation within the economic strategy. The increase of welfare of the lower segments of the population, involves multiple benefits beyond greater distributive equity. It implies an improvement in demand for goods and services and a higher popularity of the Government. The improvement in the distribution of income and the situation of the lower segments of the population is still pending matters in economic policy of Alan Garcia, in an economy that shows strong and generates confidence at the international level. Social improvement implies a greater attractiveness for investors who see it as a greater social stability and domestic a demand more attractive.


It is possible that you can use a website that allows you to meet people to offer your product or service for 24 hours seven days a week. Or you could write a book that can be sold even at night. 5. A business from home is based on the development of a central theme or mission. It is true that many businesses based at home never succeed, since trying to do many things at the same time they saturate and do not achieve much. It is normal that at first one wants to create multiple flows of income. The problem with search for multiple streams of income is that the process of reaching it if addressed incorrectly can turn into a nightmare. New entrepreneurs often make the mistake of trying to create centres of benefit of several companies that are not aligned.

For example, you will find people who are starting businesses in real estate, network marketing and Internet marketing, all at the same time. The reason that almost never succeed with this strategy is that you cannot create a momentum. Each company has a totally different business model and can not harness the energy of one for the benefit of the other. However, the successful start as an entrepreneur from home is based on the Act’s own momentum. For example, if you are the author of your own products, you yourself would be the product. However, you can transform this product into an empire, offering a mail, tape system, book, book work, seminars, field training and coaching.

Do you see the power of having a product or central theme and how you can give one? leap to success? Do you want to focus on a central theme.? Once you have success you can add another stream of revenue. This feature is one of the hidden keys to success. 6 You have to be fast and flexible to adapt to the changes. This is one of the solitary features that provide advantage to entrepreneurs with success. Large corporations spend millions of dollars on a project and even to know that doesn’t work, are slow to change process. You may not close a company just because there is a fault in the gear. However, small businesses their ability to change and turn on a coin of 10 cents lets you try things and modify them when you should do it quickly. 7 You must always get trained. This does not mean that you must get another title or many certificates. There are a lot of people who have a wall full of diplomas and degrees, but are incapable of creating income and lifestyle wishing. However, I love the quote from one of the leading experts in self-development. Jim Rohn says, formal education will make you life, education you give a fortune. Personal development and expertise often are the difference between a business opportunity and a few simple illusion. Successful people know that the best investment you can make is in themselves, it is paramount, in its preparation. Be sure to always be ahead of the learning curve and immerse themselves in their area of expertise. You can do this by attending seminars, tele-clases, camps or participate in coaching programs. Create wealth from home? Cut your learning curve shaping one or all these traits of successful home-based business. The only way you’ll still the model of those who have had the success you want to achieve, to incorporate the same habits. Start today and be on your way to the scandalous success.