Synthesis of tasks: then define some concepts related to the tasks of the architect: q preliminary sketches are interchangeably called preliminary sketches to schemas, diagrams or sketches of plants, cuts, elevations or volumes, or any other graphic element which the professional issues as a preliminary interpretation of the programme agreed with the client. Includes: General survey of the place or land. Analysis of legal, regulatory restrictions, etc. Elaboration together with the client of the needs program. Preparation of graphic and written documentation.

q draft is comprised of assembly plants, cuts, elevations, volumes, prospects and other graphic elements necessary to give a general idea of the work, ensuring your possibility of construction. The preliminary draft should include a descriptive report and an estimated overall budget. Includes: Particularized study of the ground place. Detailed analysis of municipal regulations. Proposal of systems and technologies to be used. Study of surfaces, according to levels of cost. Descriptive report of the project: architecture, structure, construction system, facilities, etc.

Estimation of term of work and work plan. Estimation of cost of work and schedule of investments. Preliminary draft: means blueprint, assembly plants, cuts and elevations studied complies with the rules and regulations or in their case, the set of drawings and other graphic elements necessary to give a general idea of the works in study. The preliminary draft should be accompanied with descriptive, written or graphic, memory in a synthetic approach, and in an overall budget. Full project: Full project means the set of written and graphic elements that define with precision the nature and purpose of the work and which allows to request the approval of the respective authorities, bid, quote, award, direct and execute the work and involves the following, namely. (a) General plans: include the series of plants, cuts/views and in his case, location facilities, machines, drivers, plantations and other accessories in the usual scales studied complies with the provisions in force and are the basics for the implementation of projects of structures and facilities.


A wooden ladder is, basically, a staircase elegantly designed and decorated made of wood, which is measured, cut and then mounted and installed to achieve a good design that gives your home a classic style. Wooden ladders must be measured accurately, just as they must also be strong and elegant in appearance. There are two types of stairs. The first type comprises those who are created in the sawmill and which are then transported to the site that will be mounted and installed, while the second group includes the stairs made by a Carpenter on the site where it will be placed. This makes them more expensive than the first. Designs there are different designs of stair agreement the manufacturer, thereby offering the client the possibility to choose between them.

There are elegant, beautiful and artistic wooden stairs that can be in spiral, circular or straight lines. Building a wooden staircase one of the hardest tasks for builders is the construction of wooden stairs. Without However, if they have the correct information and sufficient experience, the task becomes simple and achievable. The precision is the most important aspect to consider when building a staircase. Before the constructor can start to build, you should consult local and national building code requirements. Once considered these requirements, you can select the design.

Good furniture manufacturing companies provide a wide range of designs which you can choose. Design and measures. The constructor must be a sketch of the ladder that you want to build. A good ladder has enough space so that users can move up and down the stairs without hitting the head. Incorrect calculations can cause the entire structure of the ladder fall, whereupon, should be rebuilt. The next step that the constructor must take is to calculate the length and width of the stair. From these measurements, the constructor may begin cutting.

The Effectiveness

All these things with quality are not resolved. I am of the idea that one has to be very aware. I when I work on quality tell my employers: with quality are not going to solve everything. On the contrary, the quality going to put white on black. Quality is a catalyst, usually of organizational issues. This technical committees of ISO say it even, they are currently working a bit on that, or have they been geared towards those places. ISO standards are currently being triggers of problems, they are not solving problems. I’ll tell you because I’ve had opportunity to participate of a technical Commission.

He is there is talk now management of projects, instead of quality management, because they have actually been a detector troubleshooting quality issues. I love you share this experience so that you can make a balance and quieting the conscience. Because also the effectiveness that you can achieve with your interventions in the company in which you’re acting today depends greatly on your state of mind. So, it’s important that you’re aware that many of the shortcomings that you are having are not quality, they are organizational. Then, this what takes you? To lower the level of expectation of your own management and be able to identify with greater assertiveness concrete results. Perhaps many times go through communication, by softer issues that hard, but I will be able to leave a particular stamp in that organization.

And it will also be an index of satisfaction of your own management. Because while what brings us together today is the customer’s satisfaction, we must first satisfy the internal client. Without this, it is very difficult to be able to satisfy the external client, and more with the limitations that you have identified. Then I, from my experience I’d say that, that you reanalices your personal situation, weaknesses and strengths of front to the Organization, and identify only those improvements you can do outside of these limitations, and that you midas accordingly so that also the discouragement you don’t stall. I wanted to share this dialogue because I know that you probably pass by the same situation. And the response of Lucretia is very successful for me. You must be well aware of the limits that you may not change, but this is not the excuse to paralyze you. There is a scope, a boat that Yes you can have the rudder, and is your team. He works for the excellence of the internal service they provide to the rest of the Organization, because this is your field. And you’ll see that this fact, while it is limited will have its positive impact on the external client, and in addition generate an effect contagion to the rest of the organization. It begins with what you have at hand, and there seeks excellence.

Healthier Eating

The selection of a plan to start eating healthier, lose weight and burn body fat can be a daunting task. A simple Google search on diet plans returns more than 16 million results. It is clear that most of the people not deviate beyond the first page of results and refine your search is complete. Many people only review 5-7 different websites before you decide to spend money on a diet plan but what factors should be used in the review of all this material and the selection of an a good plan of diet for you? Does based on my research and the way in which I have selected my diet plan, I think that the following criteria are essential before making a decision that is expected to change your life for the better: * has been developed by a registered dietitian, certified with the formation of formal education and experience? * It has withstood the test of time, or is a new diet of fashion without any background? * Does depend on some pill Magic or new compounds is touted as a revolutionary herbal? * Are there real testimonials and the credibility of the results obtained from past clients through time? * Works long term, or is it a short-term solution that will make the fat and weight to return over and over again? * Are there is a support network and current resources to help you along the way, or is it just once and then just walk? It is necessary to take into account the factors mentioned above, when is it going to take any diet plan. A good diet plan that produces results in your health, your weight, body mass index and fat storage should be a nutritionist, a formal education these are experts in how the body processed foods, generates energy, and understands the incredible complex biochemical processes that take place in your body the majority of which are driven?the types of food we eat on a daily basis. .

Emergency Fund

I need money and fast. This is one of the phrases that are repeated more today as a result of the increase in mortgages and the credit crisis. There are different formulas to reach this objective from the sale of assets until the so-called easy credits. Each person and family will choose which best suits your needs and especially to their economic situation. However, there are more advantageous than other options from a more objective point of view. In CNN Money have drawn up a list with 17 formulas get that quick money and it has ranked them from best to worst. Some are too focused on the U.S.

market and have had to be adapted to the Spanish case. The first options are the most profitable from a financial point of view, whereas the latter can be dire and the starting point for the creation of an insurmountable debt. Thus, the solutions are as follows: go to your Emergency Fund, it is precisely for that. The worst thing is that after using it already, there will be no mattress economical for any vicissitudes. Sell part of your non-retirement investments.

Ideally, undo positions of assets that have not been offering good performance. That Yes, we must take into account that will have to pay to finance their fair share for the benefits. Ask your parents for a gift. This possibility is not within the reach of everyone (by age and resources). Anyway should be the first on the list from an exclusively financial, although perhaps not from a moral point of view most closely related to the pride. Liquidate the deposits of low profitability means almost always lose part or all of the interests but it is also one of the quickest ways of getting money. Liquidate life insurance policy is an option which will mean the loss of much of the interests but which will not increase your debt.

Aggregate Production

Due to a lot of places pursue the rapid economic growth, and continue to invest, develop the industry cement, gravel, coal, chemical and other industries, resulting in the sharp deterioration of the local ecological environment. Industrial development must foster the sustainable development philosophy, go the road of energy conservation, environment friendly, for the enterprise, it is important to gravel introduces the new, low-emission or zero emission stone production equipments. Environmental protection should not only means the cost of inputs, but rather as the responsibility of gravel enterprises in China. The gravel enterprises should pay more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, insist to use the advanced Aggregate Production, and the currently most advanced new highly efficient, energy-saving crusher equipment to achieve green development. Our company s gravel production technologies and equipments not only have the features of stable performance, high crushing productivity, uniform size and affordable, but also widely used in our sand and gravel industry by improving the quality of pre – service and post-sales support. And attaches great importance to energy saving and environmental protection, in order to effectively control the dust to escape, and reduces its impact on the operating environment to ensure a clean environment in the workshop, the height the gravel project department is designed to implement the case-based approach, from the overall program to minimize dust link, select less dust equipment; material gap between the tape machine to minimize the transport of materials, strengthen sealed to reduce dust exhaust. The professional stone production lines we produced can be used to aggregate and artificial sand jobs of hard limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel and other materials, water, building materials, highway, urban construction and other industries, they are mainly used in sand production line, at the same time, The quartz sand production line in the glass ceramic industry, broken limestone production linechemical industry, calcium carbide, coal gangue crushing, ultra – fine crushing also widely used. With the accelerating development of our industry, energy saving philisophy gradually became the main theme of Chinese industry development, the country put much energy conservation pressure on the importance of bringing high energy consumption, high pollution to the gravel industry enterprises, forcing the sand and gravel industry energies to save energy, update the gravel production equipments, travel to the sand industry green development road, it is believed that we can make great achievements.


Today I will write about one of the most well-known components and I would say that most applied by persons, mainly when freshly start into the knowledge of the law of attraction. Claims even used much professionally in daily life, even by those who do not know of this law. Coaches apply them in sports to computers that direct, heads of teams in commercial enterprises used them daily, and this list could be endless. Why all they use them?. Because they know that psychologically on people applies to that, rises the self-esteem, which is the first required tool to then develop willpower, which will determine the start of the road to the goal in all of them (athletically, though, etc, etc.). However many postulates of the law of attraction, as it is the claims, people who do not know this matter apply them rationally and therefore limiting to a minimum the results that could be infinite. Why I say rationally?, because to not know about the law of attraction, in the case of the claims used them autolimitando to set objectives that consider reasonably achievable.

And the difference, you already will be realizing, lies in that the one who knows the secret uses this tool to realize any goal no matter how high can be. However, however those who begin to investigate about the law of attraction the first thing they do is use assertions to make thousands of dollars from falling them sky. And there is where to make the first mistake, so rude that they get less results than those that apply them without knowledge but rationally, as I named above. And here is where you probably will feel identified. Because do not work at that time?. The answer is simple, because we were so surprised when we learned of the benefits that your application will give us, that immediately turn step first to the seventh and want because results, when what is we are doing everything in due time and form, without skip us any step.

Luiz Antonio Bernardi

However the objective is to detach with extreme importance empreendedorismo as the social, conducting necessity of the development economic, capable to generate and to distribute wealth, adding benefits to the society and, in special to the low income society. By means of the referring study to the enterprising process, to focus the enterprising action, where the entrepreneurs take risks believing the possibilities to transform the society. E, coming back the empreendedorismo toward the social vision, is notable, as it provides to the low income society, the development and growth of individuals, predominantly young the adolescent. A time that the same ones without these chances; had to the low level of escolaridade, conditions of precarious health and without access the culture and religion, are great the possibility of the growth of young and adolescents without no perspective of the future. However, to detach how much social empreendedorismo, contributes for the economic and social development of a country. By means of a reflexiva vision, to suggest the reader, conditions necessary to understand as the accomplishment of an enterprising action of success is possible, thus to understand the subject boarded. With this, in the bibliographical research the authors had been cited: Fernando Dolabela, Idalberto Chiavenato, Jose Carlos Dornelas, Luiz Antonio Bernardi, Maria Cristina Castilho Costa and Reinaldo Days.

SUMMARY This work has as main focus the Social Empreendedorismo. Where the target is ' ' the society of low renda' '. With the social empreendedorismo, the objective is to provide the inclusion of children, young and adolescents in cultural, educational projects, of health, and leisure, arming them of knowledge, become that them able the equality of chances. For this, a referring study to the empreendedorismo is carried through, telling its origin, but giving emphasis in its revolution that generated changes in the economy, in other countries mainly in Brazil. By means of analyses in specific bibliographies, one evidenced that, with the education of the empreendedorismo, in Brazil, great entrepreneurs appear.


Today we are going to a talk about codependency. For those who do not know what it means beyond goes a definition of many that run through internet: codependency can be defined as a disease, whose main characteristic is the lack of its own identity. The codependent loses connection with what feels like, need and want. If it is sweet and nice but not feel it, it is because you are looking for acceptance. He believes that his value as a person depends on the opinion of others. It gives more importance to others than to himself. . It invests an enormous amount of energy into maintaining an image or a status to impress because their self-esteem is very low, since it depends on the value that others give you.

I understand codependency as the obsessive need to be with someone to feel good. This problem is very frequent among couples. There are also Codependence in addictions: smoking or drinking alcohol to feel good. Codependence of the children, etc. This type of syndrome is very harmful to ourselves because us cancelled as persons, i.e.

we forget ourselves. Always are waiting for the other person problems which in the long run is damaging to the relationship. Each Member of the couple acquires a role: on one side is el salvador, and on the other hand the victim. It is a form of slavery for both parties. It is a form of addiction. How to exit from this dynamic? Firstly we have to be aware of one thing: we are all older ones to know what is good and bad. No one sucks is your finger. A codependent relationship the victim has assumed its role and leaves carry acting as it comes in win without thinking about the damage they can cause. The victim knows that their Savior will always be there to not drop it. Free yourself from this slavery! Gives the opportunity for the victim to take the reins of your life and address their problems. Don’t assume their responsibilities. If you do you’ll be sinking more and more. Leave it from sinking until it bottoms and she is herself that out well. It is a difficult travel path in which there will be many relapses. But don’t forget one thing: the people change when they themselves decide to change. You put the media but don’t assume the direction of the car that is not yours. To finish a saying that reflects the direction we take: Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can change, peace to accept that I can not and the wisdom to distinguish the difference.


In various articles have highlighted, the importance of these as a Marketing technique, since they allow you to incorporate a number of elements that lead to the readers of these articles to promotional links, whether these resources free or paid links. Articles showing advantages and disadvantages. Visitors and people who investigate, les love to read articles which describe advantages and disadvantages of subjects or aspects on which investigated, with respect to any niche. Then give them such information and our article will be in great demand. In this short article, I want to show you a basic structure for such items, which are effective for the pleasure that readers have for them: initial paragraphs: you can enter your theme with one or two paragraphs Max. You must then create Sub titles of advantages: includes, at least three advantages, using bulleted lists.

This facilitates reading and understanding your article. Now, you must Enter Sub titles of disadvantages: includes at least three drawbacks, also using lists of bullets, that facilitate the reading of the article. Final paragraph: This paragraph constitutes the conclusion of the article. Precisely, this is your turn to present yourself as the authority on the topic you were trying to, since it is here where you must take a personal position as an expert and explain why your position or criterion. Never expect that, your position will be shared or generally accepted, on the contrary, you could expect that there is debate or contrast with your criteria, which is not nothing wrong. Even the most famous writers and experts are negative reactions to their arguments and positions.It’s that when it comes to take a position you do with high knowledge of the facts in such a way that opponents fallen in his argument, which would give you even more credibility, when, by some means logres disrupt flawed arguments with respect to the topic discussed.

Box of Resources. Oh, and don’t forget one of your main goals: the Marketing. This using the box of resources (Resources Box, if you’re working with directories in English), where you will stop the links and references to your promotions. By your text with the items Felix Miranda QuesadConsultor of business author original and source of the article