The Talk

Lucy, I can not be here long time my mother said when entered the deserted library. But I will come for you at seven o’clock OK? I nodded with his head looking at all sites. I wanted that my mother let my sweatshirt to go from shelf in shelf. When he could no longer see my mother, I felt lost. He didn’t know what to do.

Never in my life seen so many books together. I wanted to read all of them, but I didn’t know where to begin when I heard a manly but genteel voice behind me. Are you new? I said with a sympathetic smile on his face. Do I speak? My mother had told me hundred times not to talk to strangers, but that boy did not seem to be bad. Are there someone over here? He asked sarcastically but polite at the same time. The comment dropped me a slight laugh and I looked him in the eyes.

I felt a strange feeling in the stomach, as if thousands of butterflies had cast there inside; Yes, I fell for him before realized me it. But that is another story. Introduce us formally, shaking hands, names and favorite authors. After the talk, Dan taught me the basic functioning of the library: How to look for and where to look. Months passed and the summer came. And although the rule said; A book per month, the library soon became my second home. Dan and I spent hours there, until one day either everything changed. I remember that you left me my mother, like always, MOM, at seven in the evening I’ll be here. Take care! shouted my mother. I never thought that day would change: my way, my way of seeing outside and the way in which that library Dan! He saw no Dan, on the one hand.

Good Insulation

Isolate the home is not only an optimal resource for the winter months but a habit that must be taken throughout the year. Windows are the places of the House where most of the heat is lost, the test can be found in the temperature of its surroundings and of the glass. According to the General Secretariat of energy, a good insulation can reduce annual spending between 25% and 50%. A few good insulating Windows installation may favour the retention of temperature in winter and summer as well as providing a good acoustic insulation. If you do not want to change your Windows there are other more simple and economic practices:-closing Windows and blinds at night and open them during the day. -Keep clean Windows to allow the greater input of sunlight during the day. -Placing sheets of transparent plastic on the inside of the frames.

If on the contrary the climate of the place where the House is located is warm, there are also other methods of insulation against heat. Of this, mode will save on air conditioning. -Close Windows and curtains during the day and keep them open during the night. -Install awnings, curtains or drapes of white color that reflect the heat out of the House. -Put sheets tinted or solar light control.

In this way, it will be more subdued and to a lesser extent increase the temperature inside. Homes insulation presents many advantages from economic saving, until a greater comfort, passing through many other advantages. A thermally insulated housing allows much more pleasant at any time of the year, increasing well-being within the home. From the ecological point of view, reduce the emissions of gases such as CO2 (produced by boilers for example). Inside the houses, condensation are eliminated and improved sound insulation. Finally if you have intentions of rent or sell the House its good insulation will increase the value of the same.

The Home Laser Hair Removal And Kim Kardashian

The Epilator has always been something very important but recently when it has become indispensable and have more hair is so frowned upon as dirty teeth or body odor. The reasons for the female hair removal can be very varied, but hygiene is the main reason for many women. Another powerful reason is body appearance. People who often exposes her body as swimmers, are more likely to shave body hair. Of course not everyone sees the body hair as a problem, like some people and take it with pride as men who will gladly teach his chest hair. For others, the desire to have a hair-free soft skin is becoming a reality thanks to the techniques of short female hair removal from home.

If you go to the beauty salon is a genuine economic and physical torture with domestic female hair removal machines torture transforms into a pleasure that adapts to your needs and your pocket with the same results. Recently the beautiful Kim Kardashian has made a few statements thereon to the magazine Allure in which affirms that it is obsessed with the female hair removal, arms, bikini line, legs, armpits don’t have a hair throughout the body! mother of the model was the first in the family to use these hair removal products to remove the hair from the eyebrows. Now Kim which claims that the home laser hair removal is the most effective form of depilation to the point that you intend to give these kits to all their relatives. There is a huge variety of hair removal products on the market. These include solutions for hair removal using light and hold (IPL), laser hair removal apparatus and specific products for the removal of pubic hair in a safe way and without pain. Original author and source of the article

Spain Prominence

With the shortage of water in the world, what has been called the a crisis water. It is very necessary to be conscious and rational use of it. Emphasises not be squandered, and that is fine, but is equally or more important to catch it when it rains. Rainwater is a resource that will save up to 50% water in a home, using it for washing, irrigation, cisterns battery, etc. This requires a special installation in the case of a new work can easily foresee. Think we’re talking about a water without chemical additives or lime, which is especially noticeable in the washer, to prevent breakage and reduce consumption of detergents.

In Spain, although rainfall varies from place to place on average in a normal sized house (100m2 roof) can collect 90 thousand liters years. Key to this is installing rain gutters, or channels for collecting and storing rainwater in tanks, these may be surface or underground, having on the market a wide variety of deposits. With respect to rain gutters, plastic are losing prominence because of the unsightly, and that extreme temperatures are losing tightness in the joints (as a result of expansion and contraction by cold and heat) having leaks and even to twist and break due to hail or wind. That is why most other variants are used: Copper natural (widely used in rustic houses) Zinc lacquered aluminum that is currently gaining prominence, because there are machines that manufacture locally as doing without even pulled together long (20 meters or more), it is also more aesthetic, lightweight and does not experience corrosion, even in sea areas.